Friday, August 30, 2013

New Adventure- Jamberry Nail Wraps

We've had a fun summer and I have lots of catching up to do on my blog, but first I want to share my new adventure with anyone who might still be reading this neglected thing!

In May I went to a Jamberry nail wraps party that my friend was hosting. I don't paint my nails, since it never lasts and I'm not good at it, so I wasn't sure this party would have a lot to offer me, but I love a good party. Aubrey came with me and we had a great time. I tried on a nail wrap sample and chatted with my friends. Aub used scraps of all the samples and did all of her nails in the time we were there! I saw that this was something my girls and I could enjoy together, so I agreed to host a party.

Jump ahead to July. As my party approached, people commented on my cute nails- my 4th of July ones- everywhere I went. They were holding up even better than I had hoped, and people were excited to come to my party and some had even placed orders ahead of time! I also got the bill for Jenna's remaining orthodontics. The wheels started turning and I started thinking about joining Jamberry as a consultant.
These are the free ones I got for hosting my party.

 Tim was supportive, perhaps a little sceptical, but supportive. I signed up right after my party on July 28th and it has been a whirlwind month of fun, success, extra income and satisfaction! After seeing how my first month has gone and the great earning potential, Tim is convinced! My goal went from just paying the orthodontist, piano teacher and preschool each month to doing those things, perhaps some dance classes for the other girls, and saving up to finish our basement faster than we thought possible.
Eliza loves the little mustaches!

My girls and I have so much fun doing our nails together! I LOVE having cute nails all the time now! The wraps last 2-3 weeks with no chipping or peeling like you have with polish. I feel a little better about myself and make more of an effort to look nice when I wake up with something beautiful ready to go!

Eliza also loves her ladybugs!
These are Jenna's favorite!

If you are part of a team, club, school, dance class, etc that needs a fundraiser, they also have a generous fundraising program!

I wanted to share this with you because I feel so blessed to have found a way to make some extra money while being with fun people AND still be with my family. I set my own schedule and can work as much or as little as my other plans and obligations allow. Jamberry nails wraps are a high-quality product that I feel great about recommending to my family and friends. Jamberry also spoils their hostesses! (This was a big factor in agreeing to host a party!) They compensate independent consultants very well and I am part of a great, supportive team that has helped me get my business rolling very quickly!

Jamberry is a newer company and there are not tons of consultants yet. I would LOVE to have YOU join my team and spread the Jamberry love! If you would like to see more of the nail wraps or learn more about Jamberry, come see my website at

You can also see my Pinterest board
and come like my facebook page

I do contests and giveaways all the time on my facebook page, so check it out!

If you want to buy Jamberry nail wraps, get free ones by hosting your own party, or join my team, let me know. I'm having so much fun!!!

If you are part of another direct sales company, you can advertise in style!

There are FUN college nails!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Springtime at the farm

Last weekend we got to do one of my favorite things at the farm- feed the bummer lambs. Jenna stayed at the house with Grandma Lou & Skippy while the rest of us went exploring.

Aubrey's an old pro

Lydia has no fear or hesitation

Eliza was really hesitant at first

Eliza finally found her groove!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our dog, Skippy

We went to Cedar City to visit Courtney and her family during Spring Break. We brought home a cute souvenir! The kids started calling him Skippy because of his resemblance to Skippyjon Jones. Unfortunately, the name stuck. He's a sweet dog and we're glad to add him to our family!

We took this picture of Lydia for show and tell. Luckily, "pet week" happened to be the week after we got Skippy!

Eliza is so glad to have a friend to play with while the sisters are at school. He lets her carry him around like this all too often!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A hunting we will go... Easter fun 2013

 Friday night egg hunt with the Giblets at Gma & Gpa Lloyd's...
It is so fun to see my kids hunting where I did when I was a kid!


 Saturday morning we went to a pancake breakfast and egg hunt at Neptune Park. Crazy fun!

Next, we headed to Moroni for the cousin egg hunt at the farm. Grandpa and Grandma spread the eggs out in a field, covering more than an acre. It was a fun hunt!

We haven't thrown our eggs yet, so I'm sure more pictures will come.


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