Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our dog, Skippy

We went to Cedar City to visit Courtney and her family during Spring Break. We brought home a cute souvenir! The kids started calling him Skippy because of his resemblance to Skippyjon Jones. Unfortunately, the name stuck. He's a sweet dog and we're glad to add him to our family!

We took this picture of Lydia for show and tell. Luckily, "pet week" happened to be the week after we got Skippy!

Eliza is so glad to have a friend to play with while the sisters are at school. He lets her carry him around like this all too often!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A hunting we will go... Easter fun 2013

 Friday night egg hunt with the Giblets at Gma & Gpa Lloyd's...
It is so fun to see my kids hunting where I did when I was a kid!


 Saturday morning we went to a pancake breakfast and egg hunt at Neptune Park. Crazy fun!

Next, we headed to Moroni for the cousin egg hunt at the farm. Grandpa and Grandma spread the eggs out in a field, covering more than an acre. It was a fun hunt!

We haven't thrown our eggs yet, so I'm sure more pictures will come.

Easter skirts

This year, we were all about the blues! I made ruffle skirts for the girls to wear on Easter.
(my picture aren't great...)

Tim even consented to a coordinating tie!


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