Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween should go famously

For Jenna

(from here)

For Aubrey
I'm trying to talk Lydia out of Dora.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jenna's baptism July 10, 2010

The Prestwich family

Tim baptized and confirmed Jenna a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Jenna was so excited to be baptized. She Looked so beautiful- from the inside out! We are so proud of her for choosing and preparing to be baptized. She had also had wonderful Primary teachers and leaders that helped her to this point.

Jenna with my Grandpa- Frank Lloyd. My kids call him Grandpa great.

Uncles Brett & Sam, Dad, Grandap Great, Uncle Darin, Papa Gary. These men & Uncle Jake (below) stood in the circle when Jenna was confirmed.

Jenna with Uncle Jake & Aunt Courtney.

Jenna with my mom's dear friend since childhood- Aunt Deb. (Aunt by choice!)

Uncle Greg (Kelly must have hidden from the camera), Aunt Sharon, Papa Gary...Prestwich family at the dinner after the baptism.

We didn't get pictures of everyone that came. Thanks to all our friends and family who came. For posterity sake, others who were there: Mike & Lisa Gibson family, The Jorgensons- Jenna's primary teachers, Kim Coates (Primary Pres), Sister Coffey, Kim Abbey & girls, Sister Ziegler, and Brother Taylor (bishopric). Thanks to the Taylors for your help with the font & setting up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Farm Country

One day while the Arveseths were here from Pennsylvania, we took all these girls and our babies to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. (You may mock me for a moment for paying money to take my kids to a farm. Ok, stop.)

A pheasant- much like the one we recently parted with (a post to come) and a cute little pygmy goat. I want one of these to mow my lawn. The kids were also fascinated by the turkeys in the bird area. We had to stop and watch them for a few minutes. Have I mentioned recently that my father-in-law is a turkey farmer. There are THOUSANDS of birds to admire at the farm, but this one was special. I didn't bother to photograph it.

Jenna was a little nervous about the pony ride. Being my conservative child, she picked one of the smaller ponies. She was also angry to learn that she didn't get to go on the wagon ride because her ticket was used up by the pony ride. I was tearfully accused of making her ride the pony. Very tragic. That night she thanked me for taking her to the farm. She said her favorite part was the pony ride. Conservative and dramatic.

Cowgirl Aubrey chose the largest horse to ride. You can't tell, but she has on her pink cowgirl boots that she got for her birthday, as well as her cowgirl jeans from CAL ranch. She looked so cute- and has the legs for skinny jeans!

Lydia picked a medium sized horse and had a great time. I probably over-bundled her. We had a cold snap at the end of August, but this turned out to be a perfect day for a farm outing!

Abi was checking out the different cows. This was Lydia's favorite spot. She's never seen a cow that close before- except at branding, and pretty much every trip to Moroni. Too funny! My kids' experiences growing up are so different from mine. The annual trip to Wheeler Farm was exotic to me.

Aubrey took a picture of Hillary taking a picture of her.

We had a great time! Our girls are the best of friends and it was so great for them to have time together. More than seeing the animals, this was about seeing the cousins. The fun surroundings were a bonus. We had never been to Farm Country before, but I think we will go back. We went for $2 Tuesday, but I was surprised that the regular price is quite reasonable. ($3.50 I think) Thanks for a fun outing!

PS- There are more pics on the other camera- I just remembered that I was using both. I'll have to add more later.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eliza at one month- mostly pictures

Eliza turned one {month} on August 28
She still loves to be scrunched up & swaddled.

She has yummy little toes!

She is very sweet and peaceful.

We were taking pictures in grandma's little kiddie pool. She is still so tiny. At one month, she finally made it back to her birth weight, plus one ounce more.

Eliza loves to take a bath. She looks like she's ready to pop her sister if she gets too close!

She sleeps great in the Boppy. (The cover is so cute on the other side, but it clashed with her jammies.

For perspective, she's just a little bigger than a package of size 1 diapers.

First Day of School 2010

With cousins here from out of town, school, napping and feeding that little baby, I am way behind on blogging. I'm often in front of the computer, but usually only have one hand free. Now it's time to catch up.
My three big girls started school August 16th. Third grade, first grade, and preschool. Here's the traditional front porch shot. (I have since trimmed that awful hedge!)
These pictures are all out of order.

Lydia was SOOO excited for preschool. She wanted me to drop her off at the curb and leave. She was a little annoyed that I stayed for a minute. I'm so glad my girls love school! After seeing other moms have to battle kids at school or to do homework, I know we are very blessed! Jenna has really set the tone for enjoying school!

Everyone had to get a picture with Eliza.

Aubrey was excited to see so many of her kindergarten friends in her class this year. She also wanted her picture in front of the school sign. Jenna was too cool for that this year. :) She went straight to her class without us.


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