Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School 2010

With cousins here from out of town, school, napping and feeding that little baby, I am way behind on blogging. I'm often in front of the computer, but usually only have one hand free. Now it's time to catch up.
My three big girls started school August 16th. Third grade, first grade, and preschool. Here's the traditional front porch shot. (I have since trimmed that awful hedge!)
These pictures are all out of order.

Lydia was SOOO excited for preschool. She wanted me to drop her off at the curb and leave. She was a little annoyed that I stayed for a minute. I'm so glad my girls love school! After seeing other moms have to battle kids at school or to do homework, I know we are very blessed! Jenna has really set the tone for enjoying school!

Everyone had to get a picture with Eliza.

Aubrey was excited to see so many of her kindergarten friends in her class this year. She also wanted her picture in front of the school sign. Jenna was too cool for that this year. :) She went straight to her class without us.


Natty said...

Okay, too cute! I thought the girls were holding a baby doll in the picture! What beautiful little girls you have!

Kristen said...

Your baby is so tiny! Loved all of the pics of your girls going to school- how fun!


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