Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! (as close to a card as we'll get this year)

Merry Christmas from the Prestwiches!


 If you made it here, you've probably kept up with our comings and goings this year- or you can go back and read about them! We've had a very blessed, eventful year! I thought I'd recap each person in a few words. Since she'll be last most of the time, we'll start with Eliza.

Eliza- 5 months, sweet baby, big brown eyes, demands to be held, hard to resist, adored by all!

Lydia, age 3 1/2, very smart, loves Eloise books, started preschool, very busy!!!, likes to do things herself, adjusting to life with baby, great helper, loves cauliflower, excited about life!

Aubrey- age 6, first grade, great student, so friendly, growing out her hair to donate, losing teeth, constantly dancing, becoming a great reader, likes to hold the baby, loves to draw & do all kinds of art, likes to go on outings & to the farm.

Jenna- age 8, baptized in July, 3rd grade, great student, avid reader- loves Magic Tree House & Diary of a Whimpy Kid books, always singing, very creative, responsible helper, changes diapers, loves going to Activity Days, making new friends, getting to be more adventurous.

Corrine- older, tired mommy, PTA president, survived child birth again- always a bonus, so blessed to be here with wonderful kids & wonderful husband!

Tim- older, amazing dad & husband, right-of-way acquisition negotiator, in 71st year as Elder's Quorum president ;), likes to read my facebook page, winning his fantasy football league, hard worker, good neighbor, love of my life!

After Eliza's baby blessing in November- it was windy & we were looking toward the sun. It was a wonderful day!

50's girl, flapper, dancing princess on their way to the sock hop at the elementary school.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You might be a winner...

Who doesn't love free stuff? How about really nice free stuff? Some day I'll tell you about what we won shortly after we were married. Funny story.

Tonight, my eyes are on the prize.

Check out cjane's appliance reviews and enter to win some Kenmore goodness!

Proof of snow

Tim went out to shovel our back porch after a two-day storm that dumped 21 inches on us. This really is all from one storm! From Sunday, November 21- Monday November 29, we got a total of 42 inches of snow! Somehow we found the only place in the county that gets more snow than my parents' house at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon!
Between our extra wide drive way, corner lot, and conscientious Elder's Quorum president here, our snow blower has been well-used. Even the "Blizzard of 2010" that everyone mocked gave us 9 inches of snow. With the wind we had drifts that were a few feet deep in some places. Crazy Winter! (And darn global warming!)

Even further behind than normal...

I used to be a great journal keeper- in high school & college, and for parts of my mission. Then life happened, I got busy & lazy. I said, "I scrapbook because I'm not a great journal writer."

Then came, "I blog because I am so bad at keeping up with my scrapbooks."
Now those who want to see what I'm doing day-to-day can find me on facebook. There is no real long-term memory preservation there, so I need to get my act together!

My sweet little laptop crashed & burned mid-November, but has returned home now. Thanks to my awesome bro-in-law Jake, my photos and documents are safe. I need to get them back on this computer so I can fill in the lost time.

For now, prepare to be inundated (hopefully) with so catch-up posts. cute pictures, blood drive updates, stories about Lydia's path of destruction and maybe even a few Christmas crafts- although the time for that is running out.

Anyway, you've been warned.


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