Thursday, June 28, 2007

I have arrived!

Due to some unfortunate events in my sister's life (appendicitis & emergency surgery) I got to go to Connecticut!!!! Thanks to a friend who works at Contitnental Airlines, I was able to get a flight out Monday night and I arrived in Newark Tuesday morning. It was fun to see the NYC area again. I came few times while I was in high school- which was too long ago to mention! I got to see my good friends Jake & Allison on our way to Norwalk, too.

I am staying with the Arveseths this week to help with the kids while Hill is recovering. I was so excited to get to meet my newest niece, too! I am having a great time. I miss my kids, but I know Tim is taking great care of them.

It is nice to see rain and green foliage again! After life in the desert, I feel like I am in a rain forest here!

Hopefully I will add a few pictures of the girls together. You can also look at Hill's blog to see some pictures. Later!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weekend in Moroni

Tractor time!

We had a fun weekend in Moroni over Father's Day weekend! We were able to share it with some of our friends, The Bentleys. The boys came with us to the farm where everyone got to ride the tractor with Tim. This was a first for Jenna to sit on the tractor while it was on. She hasn't liked the noise in the past!

It was also fun for Tim to have some boys to take to the farm.

We also went fishing at Bench's Pond in Fairview Canyon. We had a miraculous fishing trip. We caught fish as fast as we could throw out lines. No one around us seemed to be catching anything. Those boys had a great time!

We also had Lydia's baby blessing on Father's Day. It was very special to be able to have it in the ward where Tim grew up and has so many memories! For posterity's sake, in attendance were Jess, Norma Lou, Jennifer, Gavin, Colin, Sam, Janika, Allie, Ethan, Molly, Brett, Justin, Gary, Barbara, Courtney, Jake, my little family, and Andree, Cassidy, Thomas, and Tanner. (There were lots of people there from the ward, obviously.)

Afterwards, we had lunch at the park with the same people and Grandma Donaldson, Troy, and Zach. Here are some pics. More will come later.

Little girls

How cute are they!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50 things about my family

This was inspired by my sister, Hillary. Here are 50 facts about our family:

1. Tim and I have been married for 6 years, but started dating 10 years ago.
2. Corrine is a major University of Utah football fan-GO UTES!!!
3. Tim is supportive of that, but is still an Aggie at heart!
4. Tim was present when Steve dislocated his shoulder while fishing a few years ago-you'll have to ask him about it :)
5. I had a few near-death experiences during child birth this time around.
6. My middle child, Aubrey, is fearless and maniacal.
7. We're also glad Abi and Aubrey don't get together more often to teach each other more tricks.
8. Corrine has 3 sisters and 3 daughters.
9. Tim would love a little more testosterone around here!
10. Tim loves to fish.
11. Corrine is learning to like fishing.
12. We frequently travel to central Utah to visit Tim's side of the family.
13. 2 years ago we thought Corrine's youngest sister and her husband had been abducted when no one could reach them and their apartment was trashed. Turns out they were OK, the story's too long to type here, you'll have to ask about it...pretty funny story.
14. Jenna is very excited to start Kindergarten and is already spelling words, counting very high, and practicing getting herself ready for school.
15. Our only semblance of a pet in our married life was the baby quail Tim hatched in an incubator in our basement. It flew away last week.
16. Tim is the Elder's Quorum president.
17. Corrine is the 2nd counselor in the RS presidency.
18. Corrine loves John Denver, Tim does not.
19. Tim loves Neil Diamond. Corrine does not!
20. The walls in Jenna and Aubrey's room are the color of this text.
21. Corrine has close friends and family members that live in 11 other states. (She also has a complex about people trying to get away from where she is.)
22. Tim is a city planner. He would love to be a farmer.
23. Aubrey has a flock of imaginary friends. I am always stepping on them accidentally.
24. Lydia loves the zebra on her mobile. She gets mad when it stops spinning.
25. Corrine has never set foot in Connecticut, but knows an alarming number of people who live there.
26. We live in the only town we vowed not to ever live in.
27. Corrine misses her Jeep, too.
28. We don't have much interesting stuff to share!
29. Corrine likes to do crafts.
30. Tim grew up with a crafty mom and is now allergic to crafts!
31. Our favorite shows to watch together are Myth Busters and the headlines portion of the Tonight Show.
32. What we usually get to watch together is Disney movies with the girls.
33. Tim would rather be watching a John Wayne movie.
34. Corrine would rather be watching CSI Miami or ER.
36. My girls share my aversion to real shoes, and thus share my dry, cracked feet.
37. Corrine has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
38. Her daughters all have blond (mostly curly) hair and blue eyes.
39. Tim & Corrine both turned 30 last year.
40. Tim LOVES to eat mutton, fish, and venison.
41. Corrine doesn't like any of those!
42. Jenna and Aubrey sing and perform like they're on stage all the time.
43. We have repainted nearly our entire house since we moved in, and replaced nearly all of the flooring.
44. One place we haven't painted is the garage, which should be painted because it is a weird teal green color.
45. Lydia's feet are too small for the size 0 shoes.
46. Corrine speaks Spanish and American Sign language.
47. Jenna does both, but seems a bit confused sometimes.
48. We are going to see Les Miserables this weekend.
49. The last outing we had without kids was...hmmm...I don't remember.
50. There is really nothing else to say about our little family :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lost in translation

At our house we call it an "Owie" when the girls get a scratch or some other small wound.

When Dora the Explorer gets hurt, she calls it a "boo boo."

Aubrey had a little scratch on her elbow and came to show it to me. With her little pouty lips and sad eyes, she held out her elbow and said sadly, "Mom, I have a booby!"

It's hard not to laugh when she's expecting sympathy!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Grandpa Great

We went to visit my Grandpa yesterday. The girls had a great time playing with him- and eating his treats! They call him Grandpa Great or Papa Great. My girls are lucky to know two of their great grandpas and one great grandma. I only knew one of my great grandmas and she passed away when I was in kindergarten. I love that the girls have time to enjoy these special family members!

Aubrey climbed up on Grandpa's lap to work a Cinderella puzzle with him. Neither one knew I was taking their picture and I even made a little movie of them. (I have know idea if I can put that on here somehow.)
She might not remember this, but I will always treasure this little moment. Two people I adore enjoying eachother! You never know how long we have in this life, so make each moment count!

Jenna's graduation

These are a little slow in coming, but here are some pictures of Jenna's preschool graduation. She loved her year at Jump Start!

She made lots of new friends and learned so much! Mrs. Jackson was great about ABC's and 123's, but she also worked on cultural, historical, health, and safety education. They learned about Columbus discovering America, the pilgrims searching for religious freedom, Cupid, leprechauns, the Pledge of Allegiance, left and right hands, and lots of other things I never would have thought to teach a four year old.

Jenna is extremely excited for kindergarten! She is reading, writing, and spelling short words. She counts to 100 by herself! I think she's pretty darn smart!

We have been playing graduation for weeks now, always with the little hat!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Looking for a miracle!

Yesterday our stake had a special fast for new members and/or good people who will accept the gospel to move into our ward. We have 15-20 houses for sale in our ward right now, so we have room for improvement! In fact, I can see two of the houses that are for sale from my window here. The ward is quite under-staffed, so it would be really nice to have some new people move in.

I wonder if they did this same thing two years ago. There were quite a few strong families who moved in around the time we did. Tim and I were discussing it and we agree that could be the reason we miraculously got this house. When we saw it, we KNEW this was to be our home. It wasn't at all where we had been wanting/trying to move, but when it's right, it's right. The price we paid for it was miraculous, too. Houses in the neighborhood are selling for nearly twice what we paid two years ago! Our reasonable house payment allows me to stay home to raise our girls. I feel very blessed to be able to do that. (Yes, even on days like today- escaped quail and all.)

If you know anyone looking for a good home and a new calling, please send them our way. We have great neighbors and a wonderful ward- some of the nicest people you could ever meet!


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