Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50 things about my family

This was inspired by my sister, Hillary. Here are 50 facts about our family:

1. Tim and I have been married for 6 years, but started dating 10 years ago.
2. Corrine is a major University of Utah football fan-GO UTES!!!
3. Tim is supportive of that, but is still an Aggie at heart!
4. Tim was present when Steve dislocated his shoulder while fishing a few years ago-you'll have to ask him about it :)
5. I had a few near-death experiences during child birth this time around.
6. My middle child, Aubrey, is fearless and maniacal.
7. We're also glad Abi and Aubrey don't get together more often to teach each other more tricks.
8. Corrine has 3 sisters and 3 daughters.
9. Tim would love a little more testosterone around here!
10. Tim loves to fish.
11. Corrine is learning to like fishing.
12. We frequently travel to central Utah to visit Tim's side of the family.
13. 2 years ago we thought Corrine's youngest sister and her husband had been abducted when no one could reach them and their apartment was trashed. Turns out they were OK, the story's too long to type here, you'll have to ask about it...pretty funny story.
14. Jenna is very excited to start Kindergarten and is already spelling words, counting very high, and practicing getting herself ready for school.
15. Our only semblance of a pet in our married life was the baby quail Tim hatched in an incubator in our basement. It flew away last week.
16. Tim is the Elder's Quorum president.
17. Corrine is the 2nd counselor in the RS presidency.
18. Corrine loves John Denver, Tim does not.
19. Tim loves Neil Diamond. Corrine does not!
20. The walls in Jenna and Aubrey's room are the color of this text.
21. Corrine has close friends and family members that live in 11 other states. (She also has a complex about people trying to get away from where she is.)
22. Tim is a city planner. He would love to be a farmer.
23. Aubrey has a flock of imaginary friends. I am always stepping on them accidentally.
24. Lydia loves the zebra on her mobile. She gets mad when it stops spinning.
25. Corrine has never set foot in Connecticut, but knows an alarming number of people who live there.
26. We live in the only town we vowed not to ever live in.
27. Corrine misses her Jeep, too.
28. We don't have much interesting stuff to share!
29. Corrine likes to do crafts.
30. Tim grew up with a crafty mom and is now allergic to crafts!
31. Our favorite shows to watch together are Myth Busters and the headlines portion of the Tonight Show.
32. What we usually get to watch together is Disney movies with the girls.
33. Tim would rather be watching a John Wayne movie.
34. Corrine would rather be watching CSI Miami or ER.
36. My girls share my aversion to real shoes, and thus share my dry, cracked feet.
37. Corrine has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
38. Her daughters all have blond (mostly curly) hair and blue eyes.
39. Tim & Corrine both turned 30 last year.
40. Tim LOVES to eat mutton, fish, and venison.
41. Corrine doesn't like any of those!
42. Jenna and Aubrey sing and perform like they're on stage all the time.
43. We have repainted nearly our entire house since we moved in, and replaced nearly all of the flooring.
44. One place we haven't painted is the garage, which should be painted because it is a weird teal green color.
45. Lydia's feet are too small for the size 0 shoes.
46. Corrine speaks Spanish and American Sign language.
47. Jenna does both, but seems a bit confused sometimes.
48. We are going to see Les Miserables this weekend.
49. The last outing we had without kids was...hmmm...I don't remember.
50. There is really nothing else to say about our little family :)


Hillary said...

Have fun at Les Miserables this weekend, how fun!!! These were some fun things about your fam.

D and K Gibson said...

Those were fun--Les Mis is so good! I am jealous.I wish zach had imaginary friends instead of ghosts in his room.

Courtney said...

Yeah, its a strange thing being missing and having the police called and really just being at lunch with Jake's dad...

Our place was a pig stye though, so it was reasonable - but it was just messy.

I am glad your birdie flew away, that must mean it was strong enough to make it!

Corrine said...

We hope the bird flew away and wasn't eaten by a cat or something. We're being optimistic!


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