Thursday, June 28, 2007

I have arrived!

Due to some unfortunate events in my sister's life (appendicitis & emergency surgery) I got to go to Connecticut!!!! Thanks to a friend who works at Contitnental Airlines, I was able to get a flight out Monday night and I arrived in Newark Tuesday morning. It was fun to see the NYC area again. I came few times while I was in high school- which was too long ago to mention! I got to see my good friends Jake & Allison on our way to Norwalk, too.

I am staying with the Arveseths this week to help with the kids while Hill is recovering. I was so excited to get to meet my newest niece, too! I am having a great time. I miss my kids, but I know Tim is taking great care of them.

It is nice to see rain and green foliage again! After life in the desert, I feel like I am in a rain forest here!

Hopefully I will add a few pictures of the girls together. You can also look at Hill's blog to see some pictures. Later!

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mrsmcgibby said...

Corrine, the link doesn't work!


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