Friday, June 8, 2007

Jenna's graduation

These are a little slow in coming, but here are some pictures of Jenna's preschool graduation. She loved her year at Jump Start!

She made lots of new friends and learned so much! Mrs. Jackson was great about ABC's and 123's, but she also worked on cultural, historical, health, and safety education. They learned about Columbus discovering America, the pilgrims searching for religious freedom, Cupid, leprechauns, the Pledge of Allegiance, left and right hands, and lots of other things I never would have thought to teach a four year old.

Jenna is extremely excited for kindergarten! She is reading, writing, and spelling short words. She counts to 100 by herself! I think she's pretty darn smart!

We have been playing graduation for weeks now, always with the little hat!

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