Friday, June 8, 2007

Grandpa Great

We went to visit my Grandpa yesterday. The girls had a great time playing with him- and eating his treats! They call him Grandpa Great or Papa Great. My girls are lucky to know two of their great grandpas and one great grandma. I only knew one of my great grandmas and she passed away when I was in kindergarten. I love that the girls have time to enjoy these special family members!

Aubrey climbed up on Grandpa's lap to work a Cinderella puzzle with him. Neither one knew I was taking their picture and I even made a little movie of them. (I have know idea if I can put that on here somehow.)
She might not remember this, but I will always treasure this little moment. Two people I adore enjoying eachother! You never know how long we have in this life, so make each moment count!


d.r. gib said...

those are so sweet. i bet grandpa loves it too!

Courtney said...

who's rodrigo, and why is he leaving messages in Portuguese on your blog?

Corrine said...

I don't know Rodrigo and I was actually going to ask you how to get rid of his comment. With my Spanish I can understand his message and I don't want to look at his personalized t-shirts! Deja de escribir en mi blog si no me conoces! Gracias!


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