Sunday, February 24, 2008

New crafts

Take a moment and look at my other blog if you are in the market for handcrafted items for kids. I make and sell things like Boppy covers, hooded towels, neck pillows, rice bags, and shopping cart seat covers. I don't have pictures of the cart covers yet, but I will work on that. If you have ever seen the "floppy" style cart covers, that's what I make. They cover the seat, sides by the seat, and the handle, so you and baby can avoid touching the cart. They will be $30 and are available in any fabric you like. Come take a look.

Also, my items will be available at boutiques March 14-15 in Spring City and Delta.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

11 and cruising

Lydia is 11 months old today! I can't believe it! She is crawling like a wild woman and thinks she needs to walk, climb and stand. Here's a cute picture of her today.

Great Enrichment night

We had such a great Enrichment Night last night! We had a cookie exchange where everyone brought a plate of cookies or other treat and an empty plate to take home samples from everyone else. Before we filled our plates we filled plates for other women in the ward. We drew names of women who don't come to church very often so everyone had someone to visit and drop off cookies. (There were paper hearts for tags and plastic wrap and ribbon to cover the plates.)

Before the cookie part, we had a wonderful sister give a little message about love, service and sisterhood. She talked about the service that Ammon offered King Lamoni and how that gave him the opportunity to share the gospel when it might not otherwise have been received. She also told three little stories- one about a girl whose family was struggling and the ward gave them a wonderful Christmas and the next year they were doing better and were able to help another struggling family.
Then there was a girl who rebelled against her parents and fell away from the church as a teen and ended up marrying outside the temple.
The final story was about a woman who was in her ward's RS presidency but struggled with feelings of inadequecy but was trying her best to live the gospel.

She asked us what all three had in common. We thought of things like church membership, daughters of God, each had her own struggles, etc. Then she told us that all three were her at different points in her life. She told us of her struggle to return to church after having to the ward she wanted no contact. It took a loving friend inviting at the right time to get her to come back to church. She is a amaing and her story made everyone even more enthusiastic to go visit our missing sisters. It was a a great evening and far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Heavenly Father guided us and knew exactly what we needed!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crazy storm

So does anyone else have a three foot high snow drift blocking their entire driveway? It's only 11 inches deep on our back porch. I have never seen anything like this!

At 5:15ish this morning I was getting ready to go to Curves when Tim came and told me I wasn't going anywhere. I thought he was maybe being over-protective and cautious, when he showed me what was happening in front of our house. Some poor sap in a rear-wheel drive truck was seriously stuck in about two feet of snow in the middle of our circle. Since I was already dressed to leave, I went out to help him, not realizing what I would find when I opened my garage door. There was about a 9 inch drift against the door! I grabbed the shovel and started to make a path. About a foot away from the door there was hardly any snow to speak of, and then came what I can best describe as a sandbar-like snow drift. It ran across the driveway and wrapped around the whole front of the house! I kept digging and digging and finally I made it to the road.

The driver looked at me like I was crazy and at first was a bit leary of accepting help from a girl (machismo) but he didn't have much choice. He was on the phone telling a friend to come get him and to "trae una pala, por favor." Good thing I speak Spanish! I told him there was another pala by my garage door and he tromped back to get it while I started to dig. (Spanish word of the day, 'pala' means shovel) I told him I don't remember seeing anything like this in my life, living here the whole time. I should have warned- 'Go back to Mexico while you can still get out! It's much warmer!!!'

Tim and I worked on our driveway for a while and got it to where he could use the snow blower on the rest- Thanks honey! (and for the beautiful roses, too)

Anyway, after Jenna's class party today, I will work on putting some of my snow pics on here. Crazy!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


With Lydia so sick the last few weeks, I didn't get a chance to say anything when President Hinckley passed away, so I want to take a moment and publicly express my love for him and my testimony that he was a prophet of God. I am so happy for him to be back together with his sweet wife! I have enjoyed the past week and a half of reflection on the life of this wonderful man. All of the special programs and documentaries as well as the funeral coverage have highlighted his remarkable life. There is no way an ordinary man could have accomplished all he did, especially at his age. I believe he was sustained by the Lord to do His work on earth! No doubt he will continue working where he is now. As President Monson said, President Hinckley doesn't know the meaning of the word "idle."

One of his final messages to us came in the December Ensign. The First Presidency message was from him and talks about how we should raise our children. He very clearly outlines what we should be doing. (We always say we wish we had an instruction book for our kids. I doesn't get much closer than this.) Here are his four imperatives regarding children: 1- love them, 2- teach them, 3- respect them, 4- pray with them and for them. I know I can do better on all of those. I hope I can improve and follow his example as I try to bring my family ever closer to the Savior. I think the Proclamation on the Family is one of the great legacies from President Hinckley's time as prophet!

Looking ahead, I am eagerly anticipating the time with President Monson as our prophet. He has always been one of my favorites! I love to hear his stories. I know he is now the prophet for our time. I am thankful the the Lord has established an order in all things, that we don't have to wonder or question whether the church is being led by the right person. I know that He will contiune to guide the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints through the prophet, Thomas S Monson. What a wonderful time to be on the earth!

Little Miss Independence

So yesterday I was helping Jenna make a kazoo out of a comb and piece of wax paper. She thought that was pretty cool and went around making music. Not to be out-done, a few minutes later I found Aubrey making her own, atleast her interpretation of what we made. Ever resourceful, I found Aubrey blowing hopelessly on a hairbrush covered with Kleenex. So close, yet so far away...


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