Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crazy storm

So does anyone else have a three foot high snow drift blocking their entire driveway? It's only 11 inches deep on our back porch. I have never seen anything like this!

At 5:15ish this morning I was getting ready to go to Curves when Tim came and told me I wasn't going anywhere. I thought he was maybe being over-protective and cautious, when he showed me what was happening in front of our house. Some poor sap in a rear-wheel drive truck was seriously stuck in about two feet of snow in the middle of our circle. Since I was already dressed to leave, I went out to help him, not realizing what I would find when I opened my garage door. There was about a 9 inch drift against the door! I grabbed the shovel and started to make a path. About a foot away from the door there was hardly any snow to speak of, and then came what I can best describe as a sandbar-like snow drift. It ran across the driveway and wrapped around the whole front of the house! I kept digging and digging and finally I made it to the road.

The driver looked at me like I was crazy and at first was a bit leary of accepting help from a girl (machismo) but he didn't have much choice. He was on the phone telling a friend to come get him and to "trae una pala, por favor." Good thing I speak Spanish! I told him there was another pala by my garage door and he tromped back to get it while I started to dig. (Spanish word of the day, 'pala' means shovel) I told him I don't remember seeing anything like this in my life, living here the whole time. I should have warned- 'Go back to Mexico while you can still get out! It's much warmer!!!'

Tim and I worked on our driveway for a while and got it to where he could use the snow blower on the rest- Thanks honey! (and for the beautiful roses, too)

Anyway, after Jenna's class party today, I will work on putting some of my snow pics on here. Crazy!


The Van Horn's said...

Luckily not quite that bad here. I went out and shoveled with the girls this morning and had a blast...But I forgot the camera! Guy couldn't make it up our "hill" this morning though.

D and K Gibson said...

I heard somewhere that shoveling your driveway is like doing 30 minutes of cardio, plus working your muscle into shape too. So, it is ok that you didn't go to curves, you probably got more of a workout helping your neighbor. It was a crazy storm. We got about 8 or 9 inches, and the wind wasn't too bad, I guess because of the direction it was blowing and the direction our house faces. At least the sun is out today.

Barbara said...

"I am thankful today for the sunshine-
For the sky of Grey or Blue-
For within my heart is the Song of Life.."

Remember, people save their vacation time & money to come here just to enjoy our snow!

We get it for no extra charge!

Love you guys~


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