Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great Enrichment night

We had such a great Enrichment Night last night! We had a cookie exchange where everyone brought a plate of cookies or other treat and an empty plate to take home samples from everyone else. Before we filled our plates we filled plates for other women in the ward. We drew names of women who don't come to church very often so everyone had someone to visit and drop off cookies. (There were paper hearts for tags and plastic wrap and ribbon to cover the plates.)

Before the cookie part, we had a wonderful sister give a little message about love, service and sisterhood. She talked about the service that Ammon offered King Lamoni and how that gave him the opportunity to share the gospel when it might not otherwise have been received. She also told three little stories- one about a girl whose family was struggling and the ward gave them a wonderful Christmas and the next year they were doing better and were able to help another struggling family.
Then there was a girl who rebelled against her parents and fell away from the church as a teen and ended up marrying outside the temple.
The final story was about a woman who was in her ward's RS presidency but struggled with feelings of inadequecy but was trying her best to live the gospel.

She asked us what all three had in common. We thought of things like church membership, daughters of God, each had her own struggles, etc. Then she told us that all three were her at different points in her life. She told us of her struggle to return to church after having to the ward she wanted no contact. It took a loving friend inviting at the right time to get her to come back to church. She is a amaing and her story made everyone even more enthusiastic to go visit our missing sisters. It was a a great evening and far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Heavenly Father guided us and knew exactly what we needed!


D and K Gibson said...

that does sound like a nice evening. I love the idea of making plates for less active sisters. Great idea.

Hillary said...

I'm glad that it went so well for you, sounds like it was a hit. That lady that gave the talk did a really nice job and it was so relevant to the evening. Way to go!


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