Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! (as close to a card as we'll get this year)

Merry Christmas from the Prestwiches!


 If you made it here, you've probably kept up with our comings and goings this year- or you can go back and read about them! We've had a very blessed, eventful year! I thought I'd recap each person in a few words. Since she'll be last most of the time, we'll start with Eliza.

Eliza- 5 months, sweet baby, big brown eyes, demands to be held, hard to resist, adored by all!

Lydia, age 3 1/2, very smart, loves Eloise books, started preschool, very busy!!!, likes to do things herself, adjusting to life with baby, great helper, loves cauliflower, excited about life!

Aubrey- age 6, first grade, great student, so friendly, growing out her hair to donate, losing teeth, constantly dancing, becoming a great reader, likes to hold the baby, loves to draw & do all kinds of art, likes to go on outings & to the farm.

Jenna- age 8, baptized in July, 3rd grade, great student, avid reader- loves Magic Tree House & Diary of a Whimpy Kid books, always singing, very creative, responsible helper, changes diapers, loves going to Activity Days, making new friends, getting to be more adventurous.

Corrine- older, tired mommy, PTA president, survived child birth again- always a bonus, so blessed to be here with wonderful kids & wonderful husband!

Tim- older, amazing dad & husband, right-of-way acquisition negotiator, in 71st year as Elder's Quorum president ;), likes to read my facebook page, winning his fantasy football league, hard worker, good neighbor, love of my life!

After Eliza's baby blessing in November- it was windy & we were looking toward the sun. It was a wonderful day!

50's girl, flapper, dancing princess on their way to the sock hop at the elementary school.


Aimi said...

Very nice, what a sweet family, thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Love the picture of all the girls! Adorable!

Chelsea Lee said...

Pretty Cute!


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