Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nine months makes all the difference

Today is Lydia's 9 month-iversary. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! She is still the sweetest little angel! (atleast for mommy- she's having stranger issues!)

We had her check up today and everything is perfect. She is 19 lbs and 27 inches long, and her head is in the 97th percentile- right on track for the family.

Here are some pictures of her playing a Grandma & Grandpa's house.

(Does anyone know how to rotate a picture once it is on here?)

Lydia is such a happy girl! She brings light to our family and makes everyone smile. She has the sweetest giggle and smile!

She is a busy girl as she rolls all over and tries to crawl. I am sure she will be all the way there by New Years- hopefully we will have the tree put away by then. She would love to get her hands on it.

Another fun thing is her new awareness of everything around her. She loves lights and sounds. When we go into a store or church or places like that, she can't get enough of the lights and everything going on. She smiles and laughs and tells us all about it!

I can't imagine our family without this precious girl!

We love you Lydie!

1 comment:

D and K Gibson said...

she is getting so big! and she started out so little. How fun. She is such a sweetie. See you tonight---


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