Monday, July 27, 2009

I have been meaning to blog this for a long time, but I'm just now getting to it. I have started using this great website called You get a week's worth of recipes/dinner plans and a complete shopping list each week. It has made my life so much easier! They have a bunch of different plans to choose from and everything is very easy to make. I have skipped a few recipes that didn't appeal to me, but everything we've tried has been really good!

Go check it out! For example, I have chosen the "Wal-mart Points" plan, so every Friday I get a week's worth of meals- broken down into Weight Watcher's Points! One thing I love is that the meals are planned using what's on sale that week and the shopping list tells you exactly how much each item costs and what your total will be. I have been able to substitute staples from my food storage (beans, spaghetti sauce, etc) so it has been even cheaper. I also cross-reference the alphabetical coupon listing for some of the larger items when I'm feeling ambitious.

It is $1.25/week and SO worth it to me! I used to panic about 4:30 in the afternoon wondering what we would have for dinner. Now, it have a nice list to choose from, knowing I have all the ingredients ahead of time. I'm sure Little Caesars misses me, but I'm not so sad!

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