Sunday, December 20, 2009

day 3 of holding still

I can't really bring myself to use the term "bed rest" today. I haven't been resting much, just sitting or lying on my bed. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't down graded our cable, but I am so thankful for my laptop & Netflix 'watch instantly' movies.

This morning I have watched a variety of CES firesides and MoTab broadcasts. BTW, my high school choir teacher directed on of the songs with the bell choir and orchestra today. It was beautiful!

I decided around 4:30 this morning that I needed to keep a journal of this adventure on my blog. I need an outlet or I just might lose it.

Yesterday I enjoyed a movie called "The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn" on Netflix. I really liked it! Sidney Portier & Diane Weist were two of the main characters along with the girl who played the abused best friend in 'Fried Green Tomatoes." I'm too lazy to look up her name right now. Anyway, if you are in the mood for a quiet, sweet movie, i recommend it. I'm sure I'll have more movie reviews to share.

I also started reading English Trifle, the sequel to Lemon Tart by Josi Kilpack. If you like mysteries that aren't too graphic & gory- just a good whodunit- I recommend these also. Thanks Heidi & Kim for the pile of books. I'm sure I will cruise right through them! I also translated a talk for my mom so she can speak in sacrament meeting in the Spanish branch today.

The other thing I did was eat yummy treats that people brought us. I'm going to have to watch myself on that one. I've gone from 5k to bed rest in 6 months.

So far things have been uneventful. The bleeding has all but stopped. That gives my hope that the baby is ok. I know people go through much worse to have children and I have been so blessed with easy pregnancies.

Those who know me well will be surprised at my next thought. I am so glad we didn't move this past summer. We had planned & wanted to move but when it came down to it, we both felt it wasn't the right time. In August I felt we hadn't moved so we could do Vittoria's yard sale. Throughout the semester I felt we had been prompted to stay for the help and support I got from my friends here. Now I feel like we needed to stay here where we are so blessed with great friends and a wonderful support system. Heavenly Father does know what we need when we need it. He knows the beginning and the end. Who am I to question his plan for me when I frequently see how he does and gives what is best for me.

That's enough for now. Three little girls need hair-dos for church. I can do that from where I'm sitting- makes me feel less useless.

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