Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a great time at the Aloha Benefit Concert last night and it was even better knowing that the money we spent was going to a great cause!

The performers were all wonderful & it was fun to hear so many different people in one setting. On our way to the concert, the girls kept asking me if the performers would be outside after the show so we could meet them like they were after we saw our friend's play at the OBT (which will be its own post). I had no idea and told them as much.

On our way to the concert, we listened to Nancy Hanson's album "Drops in a Bucket." Again the girls wanted to know if they could meet the performers, especially Nancy.

Nancy & Peter Breinholt were the final performers of the evening and as soon as they were on stage, Aubrey kept asking if she could meet Nancy after the concert. I kept thinking "If you like her so much, be quiet and enjoy the music!!!!) Anyway...

Sure enough, at the end of the concert it was announced that the performers would be in the hall to sign autographs and sell CDs, portions of those proceeds also going to the families. A dream come true! We ran and got to the front of Nancy's line. Kat will be glad to know I bought my own copy of the CD, since we've had hers for years now. Nancy was super sweet and talked to the girls for a few minutes and signed our new cd. Now my girls are smitten! The whole way home, Aubrey asked when/if we could see Nancy again. I hope Nancy is ready for a 5 year old stalker- I mean groupie...

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