Friday, April 29, 2011

Travel Day One

 We took a week long trip to Nauvoo, Illinois, where we met up with my sister, Hillary and her family. It was the best week ever! I am way overdue in posting, but here's a start.

Wyoming. The highlight was definitely the Little America truck stop. They advertised the 50 cent ice cream cones for a good 60 miles. Ice cream can buy you many additional miles on a road trip with children. FYI.

Another fun stop was the Cabela's world headquarters is Sidney, Nebraska. It was smaller than our local  Cabela's but the elephant was a fun surprise. Our Cabela's is always full of moms and their children. Here, our kids were quite the novelty. Eliza was so popular with the cashiers that she earned us all a free hat. When we came back through on our way home, the workers stopped me to talk to Eliza again and told us that they enjoyed her last visit and they had all been talking about it. Really, people. There's got to be more to talk about in Sidney, Nebraska. :) They were all very nice. I think the people in Nebraska have got to be the nicest people on earth. We are going to have to move there.
The nice lady at Cabela's recommended a restaurant for us- Perkins. The kids were so glad to not be eating fast food! Jenna told me, "Sorry mom, but this is the BEST FOOD EVER."

Again we were the only people with kids in the whole place. A nice older man came over an told us what well-behaved, sweet children we have. It was late at night, they were semi-comatose.

...more to come...


Chelsea Lee said...

It's fun to read about your Family vacation to Nauvoo. This post made me smile. Especially the part about scoring a free hat. Eliza IS quite a little cutie pie.

Are you saying that people in Utah are not very nice? What am I Chopped Liver?

Hillary said...

So, if you're thinking of leaving Utah you better come a little furter East than Nebraska-HELLO!!! We have a Perkins about 7 minutes from our house, you could eat the "Best food Ever" all the time! Although, I don't know where the nearest Cabelas is...but West Grove, PA is rockin'!


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