Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drum roll please....... post #502

502 things you might not know, or might not WANT to know.

So, since I was unaware that I hit a milestone two posts ago, here are 500 and TWO things about me. I’m not sure I can think of that many…
(OK, after I started, I thought I'd let Tim finish my list, so there are a few extras. His list starts at #484.)
1. I have lived in Utah for all but 18 months of my life.

2. I spent 18 months as a missionary for the LDS church.

3. I served in the California San Jose mission.

4. I learned Spanish, but at first I was sad because I had studied sign language in college and wanted to serve an ASL mission.

5. In my second-to-last area, we taught two girls whose mom is Deaf. They got baptized the same day as a girl and her mom, whom we taught in Spanish. English/Spanish/ ASL baptism!

6. I learned (again) that day that the Lord knows our abilities and puts us where we need to be, when we need to be there.

7. I am completely random sometimes, so there is no logical order to this list.

8. I lived in the Rose Park area until after kindergarten.

9. We moved to Cottonwood Heights the summer before first grade.

10. I loved growing up there!

11. We had such nice friends & neighbors.

12. Sometimes I’m afraid to tell people where I grew up because I don’t want them to think I’m a snob.

13. I try to be nice to everyone- you have to give me a reason not to like you!

14. We now live in Kearns.

15. Sometimes I’m afraid to tell people this because of the stigma of Kearns.

16. I hope that doesn’t make me a snob.

17. I love my neighbors and really like the area where we live! Kearns people are so real- what you see is what you get. I’d say they are unpretentious, but that makes me sound pretentious.

18. We didn’t know it was Kearns when we moved in, but it was right where we needed to be.

19. I went to Dixie College my first year of school.

20. I teased my friend who was going to Snow- Turkey Town, as I called it.

21. I had a good time that year at Dixie.

22. I went to way too many baseball games & ate too many sunflower seeds.

23. I only knew one other person heading to St. George when I left and we became great friends.

24. Matt Seal is largely responsible for me maintaining my sanity there. Only he can fully appreciate all that entails.

25. Sorebutt Sorbe, that goes for you, too.

26. I am so glad I had that year to learn and figure out who I am without much influence from where I had been.

27. We played Jamaican bobsled team.

28. I went to Walmart for the first time when I lived in St George in 1995.

29. I studied Early Childhood education.

30. I took a class called Play and Creative Materials where I learned how to make 25 different kinds of play dough.

31. I also took a class on how to use email. (It was the mid 1990s)

32. I learned ASL from an amazing teacher at Dixie.

33. I became her teaching aid at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind.

34. When she went on maternity leave, I became the teacher since there wasn’t anyone else in the city that could do it.

35. I transferred to Snow College for my second year of college quite unexpectedly.

36. I was shocked, partly because I was offered a good job at the Deaf School.

37. I learned that the Lord knew better than I do- this I re-learn often.

38. I lived in a big house with 9 other girls.

39. These girls are still some of my very dearest friends!

40. I think everyone should go to Snow!

41. I served in the Manti Temple as a sign language interpreter, which led to translating for Stake Conferences and other things.

42. I liked Snow so much that I stayed and extra quarter, which became an extra year.

43. I took bowling at least 3 times.

44. That Fall Quarter I was the Homecoming Committee chairperson, which honed my event planning addiction.

45. I met my husband that same quarter. I’m so glad I stayed!

46. The only class I ever failed in all of my years of schooling was my sewing class at Snow. (You had to show up and make stuff and turn it in…)

47. I had planned to leave on a mission after that extra fall Quarter, but decided to stay and see what Tim was going to do.

48. It took a while, but I still decided to go on a mission. Tim has a much longer version of the story that he will gladly share.

49. I have short, stubby toes so I try to make sure my nails look nice. They are the only hope for my feet.

50. I love Diet Coke and regular Pepsi.

51. I hate regular Coke and Diet Pepsi.

52. I can’t afford the extra calories, so I generally drink Diet Coke.

53. I should really drink more water.

54. I wish I had listened to my mom and never quit piano lessons.

55. I played the piano a lot on my mission.

56. I played the piano (poorly) in Relief Society in my current ward for a time. (be glad you missed it)

57. I was the only girl my age group in my ward at Girl’s Camp.

58. I got to know the other girls my age in my stake much better than I otherwise would have- one of whom (Alyssa) has been my longest best friend!

59. Alyssa and I have been friends since 2nd grade.

60. In high school we added another member to our bestie circle- Allison.

61. People told us that 3 girls can’t last as friends.

62. We did.

63. We called ourselves the Brain Trust.

64. We all had AP American History together and learned about the Brain Trust & adopted then name for ourselves because we seemed to share a brain.

65. We showed up places dressed alike, finished each others’ sentences, and generally spent too much time having fun together.

66. We may or may not have participated in some good-natured vandalism.

67. The “victim” of our vandalism married Alyssa, so all’s well that ends well!

68. I have been so richly blessed with wonderful friends my entire life. I can’t even begin to number them here.

69. If you are reading this, I’m sure you have blessed my life in some way!

70. Angela Cromar (Richins), I always really admired your talent, brains, kindness and awesomeness and never told you. You rock!

71. I collect people.

72. I never forget a face and can usually come up with the name, too.

73. Tim thinks it’s interesting that I can find a connection with almost anyone I meet. He says I could never lose a game of “Do you know…?”

74. I don’t need Kevin Bacon- I have about a 3 degree separation from most people. Try me!

75. I love facebook because I have seen many of my friends from different circles that know each other. For some reason, I find that fun.

76. I love facebook for so many reasons.

77. I have sold a baby swing, toys, furniture- and probably other things I have forgotten- with the help of facebook.

78. We got a free lawn mower through facebook. (Thanks, Jessica)

79. I set up a friend from high school & a friend from my current neighborhood through facebook.

80. I went to their wedding in April.

81. I thought I would have more things to say about me.

82. I learned to snow ski when I was 8.

83. I took lessons at Park City with Jen McDonald.

84. I love to snow ski!

85. I started trying to learn to water ski when I was 9 ish.

86. My dad, grandma, and probably some other people tried to help me learn in every conceivable way.

87. I really sucked at water skiing.

88. I’m over it.

89. I love to ride in the boat, ride the tube, and didn’t mind the knee board.

90. I married a fisherman who doesn’t love to get in water.

91. I grew up at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

92. I love the mountains!

93. I found that I also love small towns. Living in Ephraim does that to people!

94. I love NYC.

95. I went to New York 3 times in high school for National Model UN competition.

96. I am a nerd.

97. I loved high school. I’m sure that had a lot to do with great friends!

98. My grandma got Alzheimer’s when I was in high school and my mom took very diligent care of her. I spent a fair amount of time at the Garden Terrace Alzheimer’s Center with my grandma- and a few other peoples’ grandmas and grandpas.

99. I regret that I wasn’t more helpful at home or with my grandma at the time. It was a huge burden for my mom to carry.

100. I learned from my mom that taking care of someone you love isn’t a burden, but a blessing if you let it be.

101. I have an amazing mom!

102. My mom and I both have vitaligo.

103. I think it is a small price to pay if I can inherit her great qualities too!

104. It’s my lucky month! Eliza won a baby photo contest & I just found out I won a cute Scentsy warmer and 3 bars!

105. Did you know that one of my hidden talents is fertility?

106. My parents tried for 5 years before they had me. We thought it would take a while, so we didn’t wait very long after we got married to start trying to have a baby.

107. I am extremely fertile.

108. My pregnancies aren’t too bad. Most of the time I like being pregnant.

109. Don’t hate me if you have had a different experience- my child-birth experiences have been killer, or close to it.

110. I don’t like the feeling of almost dying.

111. I’m not afraid to die, I’m afraid of how my family would do without me. I don’t like to see them sad, so that’s what scared me.

112. I have a replacement wife picked out for my husband in the event of my untimely demise.

113. I have picked about 5 replacement wives over the years. The first 3 got married (to other men, of course) shortly after I picked them.

114. Sometimes I tell Tim who he should marry if I die, but lately I haven’t. It makes it awkward for him when we run into them. I laugh, he wants to run away.

115. I sure love my husband!

116. I learned to enjoy fishing with him.

117. I learned to be comfortable on a farm with him.

118. I’m not planning on moving to a farm anytime soon.

119. I love baby lambs in the spring.

120. I would have a sheep or two and a few goats if we had a bigger yard.

121. I surprised Alyssa at a petting zoo a few years ago by picking up a lamb that was escaping while other adults stood there looking at it, not sure what to do.

122. I forgot she didn’t know me as a farm wife.

123. People my hubby grew up with would NOT consider me a farm wife.

124. My idea of camping involves a hotel room.

125. I am a big fan of indoor plumbing.

126. Come to think of it, a picnic & walk in the woods is plenty.

127. If I had unlimited time and funds, I would craft a lot more.

128. I especially wish I had more time to sew.

129. I like to make skirts for my girls. They are so excited when I do!

130. I don’t sew sleeves.

131. I like to do crafts of all kinds!

132. I own at least 8 different types of craft adhesives. Probably more.

133. I dream of a craft room/sewing room/ scrapbooking space where I wouldn’t have to put it all away just to serve dinner.

134. My baby wants to be held all the time, so space to craft isn’t really an issue right now.

135. I have 4 daughters.

136. I come from a family with 4 daughters.

137. Each of my girls has her own unique hair.

138. I finally got a brown haired, brown-eyed baby on #4.

139. I don’t buy into the whole dominant gene sham.

140. I am an organ donor and hope you are too.

141. I have been a blood donor since I was 18.

142. I hope you are too!

143. I was a blood recipient last year.

144. I hope you never need to be!

145. I like to mow the lawn.

146. I like to garden.

147. I like to paint.

148. I like these jobs partly because of the satisfaction of a job well-done.

149. I also like these jobs because my kids can’t immediately undo them. Vacuuming- not so much.

150. When I have lots of laundry to do, I get a good movie so I can sort and fold the laundry in my room while I watch.

151. If there’s a good show on, I do laundry that day and dump the clean clothes all over my bed to sort & fold so I can justify watching the show. It works both ways.

152. I tell my kids that they can stay and watch with me if they help. They generally leave me in peace!

153. I used to love to go on motorcycle rides with my dad.

154. I love the feeling of the wind in my hair while I drive fast.

155. I had a Jeep Cherokee in college that provided hours of entertainment.

156. My minivan provides hours of entertainment for a younger crowd these days.

157. I used to collect miniatures & knick-knacks when I was younger.

158. I have no idea what happened to any of them.

159. Two summers ago I ran a 5K in Moroni on the 4th of July.

160. That was one of my biggest accomplishments that I am proudest of!

161. I need to set more goals and work to accomplish them.

162. Sometimes I wish I was in Young Women’s so I could do the personal progress program again.

163. If anyone asks, I will deny that last one. 

164. I prefer caramel to chocolate, but I won’t turn either one away.

165. I learned to eat very spicy food on my mission, thanks to dinner appointments with the Elders- one of whom would add hot things to my food when I wasn’t looking.

166. I hate spicy food all through my first pregnancy.

167. I also came to love limes on my mission.

168. I ate those through my first pregnancy too.

169. Jenna loves all thing lime-y.

170. We went to Puerto Vallarta on our honeymoon.

171. I was in heaven to be able to speak Spanish to people again!

172. I got two job offers while we were there- for the hotel.

173. I love speaking Spanish. It has come in handy so many times!

174. In our apartment in Sandy, our downstairs neighbors spoke almost no English- only Spanish.

175. Their daughter was Deaf and used ASL.

176. Once again, I was reminded that Heavenly Father knows where I am, what I need and what I can offer to others.

177. We got to be their escorts when they went to the temple and were sealed as a family forever!

178. I miss them and the posole she brought us for dinner sometimes!

179. I love posole with raw cabbage on top- with a squeeze of lime.

180. I like to take my kids on field trips.

181. People sometimes think I’m crazy when they see me out with my little entourage, but sometimes they are easier when entertained.

182. Being a nerd, I like to take my girls to places like the Capitol building, museums, libraries, and educational tours.

183. I think they are no worse for the wear.

184. I like to plan get-togethers.

185. I married a quiet homebody who puts up with my party planning.

186. I like to invite families over for dessert nights. I invite people that I think would like each other but don’t know each other yet.

187. If professional party planner never pans out, I might try professional match maker.

188. I have spent way too long on this post, and I’m not even half way there.

189. I am currently the PTA president at my daughters’ elementary school.

190. I like that their teachers and principal know me and know I am ever-present.

191. I like planning ways to enrich school activities and learning.

192. I like that I can speak to the many Spanish-speaking parents in their own language.

193. I have made great friends with other moms through PTA that I would not have know otherwise.

194. I hope you are a member of your local PTA, too- even if you can’t help at the school much.

195. I love to read.

196. I love to get books in the hands of kids.

197. My favorite PTA project is getting books into the hands of kids who don’t have any.

198. Until recently, I didn’t really believe that there were families that had no books.

199. I took a Children’s Literature class in college.

200. I began collecting great children’s literature before that!

201. My favorite books I read in high school were To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby.

202. I resented Crime and Punishment because they made us read it over summer vacation.

203. My only crime was signing up for AP English.

204. I dropped AP English part-way through the year when things got hard with my Grandma.

205. I took the AP English test anyway.

206. The main AP English teacher didn’t want me to be able to take it.

207. My awesome teacher, Dr. Jenson, encouraged me.

208. I got a 4 on the AP English test, thankyouverymuch.

209. I loved Dr Jenson- junior & senior years!

210. I stopped raising my hand to answer & ask questions in her class. (Still don’t…)

211. I just blurted things out- she was blind and couldn’t see my hand, or anyone else’s.

212. I am still inspired by Dr Jenson!

213. I hate reading books just because they are trendy.

214. I have never read Twilight.

215. I have never read Harry Potter.

216. I have seen the first two Twilight movies.

217. Based solely on the movies, I am sooo Team Jacob, whatever that means.

218. I have seen 1 ½ Harry Potter movies.

219. I am not a fan.

220. I love to read historical fiction.

221. I love to learn about Canada.

222. I have mysterious ancestors from Canada that I am trying to find & learn about.

223. I love to request Canadian historical fiction from the library.

224. I like to request many things from the library.

225. I feel like I have a personal librarian when I request things online and then someone else gathers them all together and tells me when they have arrived.

226. I also like to get NCIS dvds from the library.

227. Crime dramas are my guilty pleasure.

228. I have had a fake crush on Mark Harmon since I was a little girl.

229. I used to watch him on St. Elsewhere.

230. I love to watch Bones, too.

231. I started watching Bones on Netflix after I had Eliza & couldn’t do much.

232. I hope Booth & Brennen finally get together for good!

233. I admit, I like Castle and The Mentalist, too.

234. Lest you think I’m a total sloth, I don’t watch these shows every week. I catch them when I can.

235. I usually watch Bones on my laptop a day or two late while I’m cleaning the kitchen.

236. I also like Psych.

237. I recommend it to everyone- even Tim likes it! Mystery, comedy, less gore than most.

238. I balance these out by watching Super Why and Word World with my kids.

239. I worked as a dental assistant for a little over a year.

240. I have never been afraid of the dentist, so I might not have been the most sympathetic person.

241. I was always sweet and engaging, though.

242. Dr. Rasch redid my silver fillings before my wedding.

243. I highly recommend Dr Rasch!

244. I also worked at a “dot com” during the boom. They sold start-up do-it-yourself website packages and hosting. Infomerical style.

245. My sister, Hillary worked there.

246. So did my bro-in-law, Darin.

247. I was in charge of processing all of the returns for people who came to their senses within three days of their purchase.

248. There were LOTS of returns.

249. I am not tech-savvy.

250. I first heard the term (and its definition) “BLOG” on the PBS show “Post Cards From Buster.”

251. It was a few more years before I started a blog.

252. Arthur and Buster still teach our family many things.

253. Lydia is our own version of DW.

254. I bet half of you have no idea what I’m talking about.

255. After leaving the dentist & the dot com (same time) I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah.

256. I was very good at my job.

257. I learned a lot about insurance during the years I was there. It was a blessing!

258. I liked it enough, but was very glad when I got to be a stay-at-home mom.

259. I am rarely home.

260. I worked there until right before Aubrey was born.

261. My mom worked there at the same time and still does.

262. After Jenna was born, my mom adjusted her schedule so she could help watch Jenna.

263. She met me in the parking lot every morning as I got there & she was leaving. She took Jenna to her house and I came and got her after work.

264. Tim was working and going to the U at this time.

265. My dad and sisters also helped with Jenna a lot during this crazy time.

266. Tim & I don’t remember a lot about this time. Jenna was a poor sleeper & we were going like crazy.

267. Had we known about WIC, Medicaid and FAFSA, we might have just moved up to student housing at the U and both hurried and finished our degrees.

268. You live and learn.

269. I had three of my four babies at Altaview Hospital.

270. I love my doctor- Dr. Russell Smith.

271. He never let me die, for which I am grateful.

272. Lydia was born at Jordan Valley Hospital.

273. I also really liked Dr Scott Hansen.

274. I recommend both docs, depending on your insurance.

275. I liked the menu/room service meal system at Jordan Valley Hospital.

276. Unfortunately I was there longer than normal, so I had more experience with it than most.

277. Altaview brings a fancy dinner for mom & dad after the baby comes. I was nearly dead when mine arrived, so my visitors (mostly my kids, I think) enjoyed my steak.

278. I love steak.

279. What I really love is the Bleu Bacon Burger from Training Table.

280. I don’t even bother with their cheese fries.

281. I live in the flight path of two different airports and a National Guard Helicopter whatever-you-call-it.

282. My kids love to see the amazing military helicopters.

283. When I see them I am thankful that I live in a peaceful place where those helicopters don’t send me running for cover.

284. I am thankful for my grandpas who both served in WWII.

285. And my great grandpa who gave his life in WWI. He died in France with the Canadian RAF.

286. I am thankful for all service men and women- my cousins, Tim’s cousins, our friends and strangers who serve bravely and selflessly!

287. I went to Russia when I was 15.

288. Ever since, I get teary when I hear the National Anthem.

289. I also cried the first time I went to the grocery store when I got home. We are so blessed!

290. We waited in long lines to be able to put gas in our tour buses.

291. I wish I had known more about what we were going to see before I went so I could have really appreciated it.

292. Now when I plan a trip, I research the culture & history of where we are going.

293. I made my girls each a packet about the places we would travel through on our way to Nauvoo in April.

294. I think I had more fun making them than they had doing the activities.

295. I found fun games on license plate games, count the cows, etc.

296. I planned a spur-of-the moment trip to Nauvoo with my sister and her family this past spring.

297. I felt like we were finally grown-ups since we drove our minivan and four kids half way across the country without help.

298. We did take the portable DVD players, though.

299. I recommend Nauvoo in the Spring- low humidity, moderate temperature, small crowds.

300. I have strange eclectic music tastes.

301. John Denver is my first choice for music.

302. Then Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, Peter Breinholt, James Taylor, the Beach Boys.

303. I also went through an Alanis Morrisette phase.

304. There are lots of others I like, just can’t think of the names.

305. I do love my “Awesome 80s” CDs.

306. And the “70’s Heart throbs.”

307. When I get to pick the radio station, I usually listen to KSL- news & talk.

308. I rarely get to pick the station.

309. We listen to books on CD in the car most of the time.

310. I love it!

311. I use the time when I’m in the car waiting to pick up kids from school to do my leisure reading.

312. Perhaps cheesy, but I like Anita Stansfield’s books.

313. I like that I don’t have to worry about questionable material.

314. I also love Josi Kilpack’s books- especially the culinary mysteries.

315. There are few movies I will watch over and over.

316. I will watch The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins until everyone around me is sick.

317. I like Julie Andrews.

318. I will also watch Sweet Home Alabama & Just Like Heaven ad nauseum.

319. I like Reece Witherspoon.

320. I will watch Hope Floats & Sleepless in Seattle over and over, too.

321. I really like Sandra Bullock & Meg Ryan too.

322. In college I watched Tommy Boy about 5000 times.

323. Once I have seen an episode of a tv show, I hate to watch it again.

324. I make an exception for certain episodes of The Office.

325. Ok, most episodes.

326. I cry every time Jim & Pam get married. Or have a baby.

327. I laugh until I cry ever time they run the Rabies Awareness 5K, and Pam nurses someone else’s baby.

328. And I cry some more every time Michael & Holly get engaged.

329. I had never watched The Office until I went to stay with Hillary in Connecticut right after she had her appendix out right after Emma was born. (or was it her gallbladder?)

330. I think we watched every episode that had been made to that point while I was there.

331. I wasn’t there that long. Not long enough, anyway.

332. I was fascinated by Stew Leonard’s grocery store.

333. I got some glares from people because I went the wrong way in part of the store.

334. My best friends, Allison & Jake lived in Hillary’s ward in Connecticut.

335. My best friends, Alyssa & Matt lived in Hillary’s ward in Murray.

336. Angela moved into Hillary’s ward downtown right before Hill moved to Pennsylvania.

337. I think it’s my turn to move into Hillary’s ward.

338. I love yard sales.

339. I have holding a yard sale down to a science.

340. I miss having yard sales- we have so much fun!

341. I love yard sale-ing too.

342. I also love to look for lost treasure at the DI.

343. I went into the Salvation Army store once, too, thinking it would be like the DI.

344. I will never go into a Salvation Army again.

345. I have a large doll house I got at the DI that I need to finish re-finishing for my girls.

346. I also found a cool old fashioned toy chest there. No plastic parts!

347. I have a knack for starting craft projects and not finishing them.

348. I wish I had more time for crafting!

349. I like to look at craft blogs.

350. Some of my friends from high school have amazing craft blogs- and mad craft skills.

351. I had no idea!

352. I was the Family, Home and Consumer Science Sterling Scholar in high school.

353. I’m pretty sure there were many, many others more qualified.

354. Tim’s brother (Sam) married a FHCS Sterling Scholar, too.

355. She is a domestic goddess!

356. I have sold many of my crafts for real live money.

357. I have also sold many of my embroidery patterns for money- (with the help of #354-5)

358. After Eliza was born, I closed my craft blog because I rarely get to use both hands at the same time, which makes sewing hard.

359. I love to hold my baby!

360. I am so glad we listened to the prompting to have another baby!

361. I was NOT going to have any more children.

362. I learned (again) that the Lord knows the beginning from the end.

363. I love Christmas music.

364. I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween.

365. I love football.

366. I love University of Utah football!

367. My dad used to take me to the games when I was younger- before it was trendy!

368. Speaking of trendy, I did read the Hunger Games trilogy.

369. Hillary recommended them & gave me the first two to read after I had Eliza.

370. I really liked them!

371. I think canned pears are the only edible form. Same goes for peaches.

372. My parents had two large peach trees and we had to pick up lots of yucky peaches before mowing the lawn.

373. I can’t stomach cherries- we also had a cherry tree.

374. I bit into one too many wormy cherries.

375. Apples- now there’s a fruit I love!

376. And strawberries…oh yeah!

377. My favorite summer salad consists of Cool Whip, cottage cheese, Jello mix and pieces of fruit- I prefer it with grapes.

378. I don’t care for pasta salad that has a mayo type dressing.

379. Whatever Courtney puts in her pasta salad is a whole other story. Wow!

380. I think shirts that say “Hollister Beach Co.” are amusing.

381. I lived in Hollister- twice. There is no beach.

382. Hollister was my very favorite area on my mission!

383. I am not afraid of heights.

384. I am afraid of jumping from high places.

385. I think I was traumatized when a swimming teacher made a 5 year-old me jump off the high dive.

386. He said he would catch me and then moved after I jumped.

387. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

388. I’m pretty sure I would die of a heart attack if I tried bungee jumping.

389. I was fine parasailing in Mexico- despite the malfunction, landing in the ocean part.

390. I won’t jump off the top off a house boat.

391. I won’t jump off a cliff into a lake.

392. I love roller coasters.

393. I feel the need- the need for speed!

394. I could watch Top Gun over and over two. Who couldn’t?

395. Another thing I could watch over and over- Gilligan’s Island. Where has it gone?

396. I sang in the choir all through middle school and high school.

397. That was the last time I sang in a large choir.

398. Ward choir not included.

399. I used to be a second soprano.

400. I sing alto now.

401. I don’t sing by myself in public.

402. I don’t generally care what people think of me, but for some reason I won’t sing alone.

403. I have no problems with public speaking.

404. Even impromptu-

405. Guess Model UN came in handy!

406. I have only been to Disneyland one time.

407. I was in second grade.

408. I preferred Sea World and Universal Studios on that trip.

409. I LOVED Magic Mountain years later!

410. I am losing the pigment in the skin on my hands, arms and face. (vitaligo)

411. My eyelids are already white.

412. Parts of my hair, too.

413. I dye those parts back to the color of the rest of my hair.

414. There- I said it in public.

415. I have always loved my fingernails.

416. They grow out strong & look like a French manicure.

417. I have always struggled with my weight.

418. I will probably always have to work at it!

419. This is probably too much sharing, but there you go.

420. “We Built this City” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” bring back such strong feelings I could cry.

421. I have saved tons of money using

422. I think you should too!

423. If you want to learn about it, let me know.

424. I shamelessly tell people about products that I like.

425. Beudreau’s butt paste is the best diaper ointment I have ever used on my kids.

426. I even like the smell.

427. I love Target’s store brand diapers.

428. They have cute polka dots that make fun diaper cakes.

429. I love to give diaper cakes as baby presents.

430. I like decorating real cakes too.

431. I took a community ed cake decorating class & loved it!

432. Most of the time I am too lazy to decorate things super fancy.

433. I suck at making cookies!

434. I am really good at eating cookies.

435. They are my downfall!

436. I like country music.

437. I prefer slightly older country music- 1990s- early 2000s.

438. I really like Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, and Faith Hill.

439. I spend a lot of time every day on hair do’s.

440. Not usually mine…

441. I don’t mind cooking.

442. I don’t like trying to decide what to cook.

443. I married a great cook!

444. I wear flip flops almost every day.

445. I used to wear Birkenstocks every day in high school.

446. Then I used to wear my Doc Martens sandals every day.

447. Flip flops are much more economical.

448. Tim hates my fake smile.

449. I have a hard time smiling on demand and making it look naturally.

450. My eyes seem to disappear when I try.

451. I want to make my own bread, but something else always comes up.

452. Really, I want to!

453. I love baseball.

454. We like to take our kids to Bees games. (Local AAA baseball team)

455. They like baseball too- and sometimes the fireworks afterwards.

456. I am incredibly cheap.

457. I take it as a challenge to spend the least amount of money possible for any given thing.

458. I have a long list of free or low cost ways to entertain your kids around town.

459. They all include leaving the house.

460. That’s the main way to keep my kids from fighting.

461. I was named for a girl my mom admired in high school.

462. Her name was spelled differently, but my mom was still loopy from the C-section when she wrote down my name.

463. The woman was a teacher at my high school. I never had a class from her.

464. She had no children. I never told her I was named after her.

465. I wonder if I should have.

466. My girls are all named for our ancestors, at least in part.

467. Eliza’s name is a conglomerate of my name & Tim’s

468. ‘Eliza” was a short form of my middle name ‘Elizabeth.’ (Also the name of my great great grandma.)

469. ‘Tess’ is a mash-up of ‘Timothy’ and ‘Jess.’

470. I really love spring flowers- especially hyacinths and daffodils.

471. Carnations used to be my favorite flower.

472. On my mission I discovered calla lilies, and I was in love.

473. I am so thankful that my parents gave me the gift of LASIK for my wedding!

474. I want to go to Canada and find where my ancestors lived in Ontario and British Columbia. And then to Washington state to do the same.

475. I love to do family history work.

476. I need to be 6 people to work on all my hobbies/projects and still raise my kids and take care of my house.

477. For some unknown reason, people will tell me their deepest, darkest secrets.

478. Complete strangers, neighbors, friends are all powerless to resist their urge to tell all.

479. I don’t usually ask.

480. I’ve had many people say, “I don’t know why I just told you that. I don’t tell people things like that normally.” Many times. Maybe I should work for the FBI.

481. Tim says I can remember the little details that people tell me- their likes & dislikes, pet names, birthdays, hometowns, life stories.

482. I can’t remember where I put my keys most of the time.

483. I used to lock my keys in the car often. At least I knew where they were.

484. Tim purchased and installed a key rack by the entry, I don’t always use it.

485. I’m not ticklish anywhere.

486. I’m strangely fascinated with obituaries and funerals.

487. I have a gift for sensing when people need help.

488. I told Tim I wanted to go hunting with him, but I almost cried when he shot something.

489. I’m a sound sleeper.

490. I don’t like cats.

491. My cutest Halloween costume was as a Tooth fairy.

492. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

493. I wish my husband liked Halloween.

494. I once dressed as Imelda Marcos. I carried a large bag full of shoes.

495. I don’t mind cheating at cards.

496. I rarely lose at board games, especially word games.

497. Don’t even bother playing Boggle with me.

498. I don’t like driving at night.

499. My chin used to blush when I looked at Tim..

500. A case of water bottles fell on my head in Harmons.

501. When I was a poor newlywed I gave away most of my food pantry to the cable installer.

502. I won $4000 of furniture two months after we were married.

503. I cried almost every day I left baby J. to go to work.

504. I have college credit from 4 institutions.

505. I like to be in charge.

506. I’ve learned to let others take a turn.

507. I like my bacon crispy, very very crispy.

508. When I’m angry I grit my teeth.

509. I try to everything better than I found it.

510. My favorite quote is: Go where you’re needed, do what you can.

511. When we first met, Tim teased me that I was perfect.

512. He still thinks I am.

We all know that I'm not prefect, but maybe there were some surprises in there for you. What is your most random attribute? strangest experience? Leave a comment here. Better yet, make your own list & leave a link!


This Place is a Disaster! said...

"Amen!" on Canada.
You CAN get your medalion even if you aren't in the YW, half of my ward is doing it (new rules!).
I think I can remember EVERy book I never read as a child because we didn't have books, and my mom NEVER took me to the library. ..or anyplace other than the grocer and fabric store!
You TOTALLY know when people are in need - that's why people tell you everything, they think you care - your actions apear to be evidence!
Loved this post!

Jana and Kyla said...

Bean I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this list!!

I think we're going to be in Mt. Pleasant for the 4th. Would love to be able to get together & play some boggle. Tony thinks he's pretty good, but I beat him regularly!:)

Sabrina said...

I still rock out to Starship. everytime i hear that song, i still see tara dancing in the front room of the connor house.

I am so glad that you wrote your list, there are a lot of things that i didn't know about you.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Wow, there is no way I have 500 things to say about myself. That is awesome that you did! Just FYI dr. Hansen is my dr. and he's fabulous! Obviously I learned many new things about you- I live it.

kanaboke said...

I can't even believe you know who Imelda Marcos is! Made me laugh so hard!! I can totally see ya with those bag of shoes! By the way, I hope you don't mind, but I was totally inspired by this post, to do a Random post of my own, and I totally linked back to your post...again, hope ya don't mind. I can totally edit my post and "un-link" if you want me too.


I seriously HEART you, Corrine! I simply loved reading the entire list of things about you (some things I knew but I loved learning more about you!) Your thoughtful words totally made my day, too!

Kelli said...

Boggle! Man you and Lance should be best friends!!!
I am no match...he needs someone to play with that will write down more than 10 words, all of which he has.


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