Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eggs and other Easter randomness

Doesn't everyone dye their own dozen eggs in your family? Why not?
Last year, we discovered that we prefer using regular old food coloring to the dye kits. Cheaper, easier, much more variety, beautiful colors! We also experimented with rubber cement again, as well as the usual crayon fun!

I didn't take great pictures, but Grandma Barb & Papa Gary had a cute egg hunt & fun treats for the kids. (Seriously, could I have taken WORSE pictures? Lame.)

A few weeks after Easter, we took our eggs out to the desert west of Saratoga Springs (and west of a few other places, as well). We drove up into the little hills to find a spot to throw our eggs. Right before we got out of the van, we were buzzed by a military helicopter flying so low that I about peed my pants. True story. I hope the pilot enjoyed it- Tim & I were waiting to see flames from over the next hillside. I don't know how he didn't crash the chopper. Anyway...

We parked half way up a little hill, which makes for great egg explosions! Or should I say egg-splosions?
The eggs were a bit *ripe* after sitting for so long, so they were messy & nasty- just right for throwing!

 Eliza wasn't sure about breaking eggs at first, but even she got into it. If her egg didn't explode satisfactorily, she would go after them and throw them again. This worked OK unless one of the other girls was up higher on the hill throwing toward her. No harm, no foul...

 It was much cooler than it had been Easter weekend. We had to break out the parkas I had efficiently washed & put away for the year.

We visited Camp Floyd before we threw the eggs. I apparently didn't take my camera out of my purse. It was a nice little history lesson for all of us. If you are in the area, I recommend stopping to see. It was like a mini-mini-mini trip to Nauvoo- only on a much, much, much smaller scale.

I must also give proper attention to our amazing spring flowers. Someone planted an amazing year-round garden here. Just as one area loses its blooms, another bursts to life- seriously amazing landscaping!

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