Thursday, August 23, 2007

Charred remains

When we went back to Nephi Canyon after the fire, this is what we found. It was interesting to see how the fire moved in different directions, leaving some places undisturbed and others reduced to ashes.

The fire fighters worked heroically to save the Hopcreek Hideaway. (see post entitled "Utah's burning") Below is the a picture of the same sign from the highway. The area all around the property was charred, but the campsite was saved.
Below is the mud flow running along the highway. It is full of ash and mud. Very gross! A few weeks later at the family reunion, the creek was still running black. It is usually crystal clear, but it was like tar. The kids seemed to enjoy painting themselves with the nasty mud. Thankfully, my girls wanted nothing to do with the mess!

This picture below was taken few weeks later from inside Hopcreek Hideaway. You can see the contrast between the green grass that was saved and the blackened hillside across the highway. This picture doesn't do it justice!

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