Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doom's Day

We have decided to skip September 11th next year. It already has bad memories for the nation as a whole, and today has been a stinky day.

The transmission in our van went out this morning- bad noise followed by no gears. As the tow truck was driving away Aubrey was crying, "Vanny, I miss our van..." It took 10 minutes and a few calls to Grandmas to calm her down. I never knew she was so fond... Anyway, in $2500 our van should be feeling much better.

To put that into perspective, my dad just called to tell me that he is on his way to the hospital because his brother, Jim was hit by a truck while riding his bike. The only information he had is that Jim was breathing. Whether that is with a ventilator or not, I don't know.

I still have to go to Riverton to pick up Tim at 6:00 and then I have an Enrichment Committee meeting at my (dirty) house at 7:00 and Tim has a stake meeting at 9:30. Ahhh!

Luckily I got a good night's sleep, oh wait....

Things can only get better tomorrow, right?

Ojala que si.

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