Friday, March 28, 2008

Falling Water, Crouching Mommy

I had a new experience at Harmon's on Tuesday. I feel like I need to explain it in case I have said or done anything strange that you have witnessed this week.

I thought I'd be a nice mom and get some fun water bottles for my kids to drink, instead of something less healthy. I saw these cute, kid-sized water bottles that are kind of shaped like a ball. They were on the top shelf. It looked like the package consisted of two rows of bottles stacked one on top of the other. As I reached up and grabbed the bottom of the package to put it in the cart, the top row (which was actually its own package) fell and hit me on the head, sending my sunglasses flying. It HURT!! I did my best not to cry there in the grocery store and I didn't say anything I regret, but MAN it hurt! 88 ounces of water are heavy when landing on your head!

I was quite dazed for a few minutes and I have no idea how long I stood there trying to focus my eyes. Luckily Jenna picked up my sunglasses at some point and put them in the cart for me. She and Aubrey kept looking at me funny- maybe it was because I wasn't sure who they were and why they were calling me "Mommy."

When I finally got moving again we went to pay and I remember saying something stupid to the cashier like, "These bottles are a little unsteady to be on the top shelf." She looked as confused as I felt!

Soon my cell phone rang. It said it was Sam. I looked long and hard at it trying to figure out who Sam was. I figured I must know him if his name was on my cell phone, so I answered it. It was my brother-in-law (who I have know over 10 years) but I was still kind of confused. Sam- sorry if I said anything weird. I don't remember much of our conversation.

Wednesday night I was thinking about the whole incident and I couldn't remember what became of the falling bottles. I don't know if I put them back on a shelf or left them on the floor. I was asking Jenna, trying to make sense of it, but she didn't know either.

I still have a raging headache and am a little cuckoo, but I think I will recover.

To add to the dazed and confused thing that day, Tim and some of our neighbors went to our local caucus meeting that night and came home to tell me that I had been elected as a county delegate. I could not figure out if they were kidding or not (they were not kidding) and I was even more dizzy trying to understand why and how that happened. What a crazy day!

PS The next morning my hubby thought he was so funny! He was watching TV and there was a picture of women in Africa carrying water in large containers on their heads. He said, "Look honey, they carry water on their heads, too." Ha ha ha!


Hillary said...

Man alive, that sounds PAINFUL!!! I'm glad Jenna was with you and it wasn't just the two younger ones, I'm sure she kept things together. I love the title of your post by the way, very funny!

Glad you're ok-Stupid healthy water! Next time just go for the soda, they put that stuff down lower.

The Gibbys said...

I feel for you, after I hit my head when I fell it wasn't the same for a few days. I hope it is feeling better. I loved your description, very funny. I will have Darin tell Bob and Randy to move the water bottles.


Oh, wow... what a story! I am glad you are okay. I laughed at Tim's joke... what a funny husband

Matt & Val said...

This had me laughing so hard I was crying, seriously! TJ was sitting on my lap and we were laughing together and then when I started laughing so hard I was crying he got very concerned but I tried to explain through my laughter that it was okay that mommy was crying. Bean - you are hilarious!!!


Julie said...

Ouch! Glad you are ok. Your hubby's comment at the end is something my husband would have Hope your head is better :)


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