Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank you for being a friend! BTF

I had such a great time yesterday getting together with Alyssa and her kids yesterday. It made me reflect on how blessed I have always been to have wonderful friends! Alyssa and I have been friends since about 2nd grade I believe. We really became close in middle school and beyond. In high school we added Allison to our inner-most circle and there began the Brain Trust. I think Matt and Jake (all last names withheld to protect the innocent) started calling us that after studying FDR's Brain Trust in AP American History. It was more because we shared a brain between the three of us than because of our superior intellectual abilities. We would say the same things at the same time, finish each others sentences, show up in similar outfits, etc. You know, best friend things.

We were so fortunate to have other great friends in our circle like Ang, Tom, and many others. (I shouldn't name names because I will leave someone out.

I remember Allison telling us that she wanted to be our friend for a long time, but she was worried that a threesome wouldn't work and that someone would get hurt. Adding her to our friendship only made it that much better. These are the friends that we can go a year (sometimes two or three) without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. I am so blessed! It helped keep the group together because Matt married Alyssa and Jake married Allison, so there are fewer groups to keep track of, but I'm so glad we keep in touch.

My sister, Hillary has lived in Alyssa & Matt's ward, Angela's ward, and now lives in Allison & Jake's ward in Connecticut, so I have a built-in spy if they try to lose me! Ü

Seriously, though, I feel like having the friends I did and do has helped determine the path my life has taken. I was never ever tempted to try smoking, drinking, or any other questionable activities. (Minor vandalism excluded WSGP) True friends know your standards, won't ask you to compromise them, and in my case, they share my same standards. How lucky am I!

These same friends compelled me to do my best in school as we competed (amicably of course) for good grades, participated in great things like MUN and A Capella choir, gently mocked FHA, worked on the school news paper, attended seminary, did baptisms for the dead, schmallowed, frog-ed, & got ready for college. Now we share parenting stories and worry about each other from across the country.

Some people collect baseball cards, knickknacks, post cards. I collect people. I LOVE seeing a friend I haven't seen for years and being able to re-connect. I have been so blessed to have such wonderful friends throughout my life and I continue to add to my circle of friends where ever I am. I wouldn't be the same with out my friends. There are too many to list and thank, so if you are reading this, thanks for being my friend and making me who I am. High school, college, mission, neighborhoods, I am who I am because of you!

Sorry to be so sappy!


Hillary said...

It has been a pleasure being your spy :) Especially out here in Connecticut-I don't know if I would have survived the first few months out here without Allison-she is a great friend! I am glad that you still get to see old friends, how fun!

Em said...

After reading your title, I have the Golden Girls Theme song in my head!

FHA peer educator, now those were the days!! :)

Corrine said...

Em, That's what I thought of, too. That could be us in 40 years. None of our moms are as kooky as Sophia, though!

Allison M. said...

Such a sweet blog entry. I like that you have a blog, so I can spy on you! I miss you guys. Its been years since I saw Alyssa and her crew. We always seem to be ships passing in the night when we are in Utah. Looking forward to January or February when we'll next be in town and can get together!


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