Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cousin chaos

We have had so much fun with cousins and their cousins this summer! The photos have been piling up and I have been so busy going, that I don't blog as much as I used to, so here is the mother of all slide show summaries!

We have done fun things like the I am a Child of God exhibit at the Church History museum, followed by lunch at the Gateway and running through the fountains. Jenna had multiple birthday parties. (Aubrey will have the same in a few weeks) We went to a Bee's game for my dad's 60th birthday. There were about 40 people in our group and everyone who had a birthday in July from our group got their name on the big score board- Jenna was excited!

We went boating for Darin's bday. Tim was a great sport and helped the kids fish. The girls also swam there on the shore. (To my delight and his dismay!) Jenna & Aubrey even got brave and got in the lake out in the middle while Steve was getting ready to ski!

One day, we went with the Gibsons and Arveseths to Cabela's and had a great time looking at the animals and shooting in the gallery. After that we went to McDonald's in Lehi to play and have lunch. We ended up staying for two hours! Since we weren't quite exhausted yet, I took my kids to a splash park in Riverton on the way home where we played for two more hours. The picture of Aubrey asleep is on the way home from that day-long adventure!

We have had so much fun already this summer and there's plenty more to come! Plus, I have more pictures with Prestwich cousins that will be their own post. My kids are feeling neglected, so this will have to do for now!


The Gibbys said...

we have had so much fun!! PS when I pulled up your blog Utah Man was playing, that was awesome!


I would love to get together with you and Alyssa! Let me know when you are getting together!! I would love to see your dutch oven recipes...


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