Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Time at the Dentist

No, really! We found a great pediatric dentist. His name Eric Johansen and his office is in Jordan Landing right by Target and Best Buy, very convenient!

The girls had a great time there. When you walk into the office there is a huge shark mouth that leads into a play room that looks like a coral reef. It has a fish tank and puppets for puppet shows, toys, block, and Finding Nemo on the DVD player. Once in the treatment rooms, there are TVs over each chair and the kids can choose a movie or play a video game. (Having held hands down from little faces as a dental assistant, I think the game controller in-hand is a great idea!) The assistants are all really sweet and made the girls very comfortable. Dr Johansen also was very sweet and friendly. He wears a baseball jersey over his shirt and tie, which the girls found amusing!

They were both cavity-free, so they got their pictures put on the No Cavity Club wall and we took their picture in front of the castle (which has another treatment room inside). There is also a whole wall that is a huge pirate ship. This office is huge!

They each got to choose a prize from the treasure chest when they were done. Their favorite part, though, was the carousel. Each child gets a gold token when they are done. The token turns on the carousel in the waiting room. The girls had a blast!

After we were done, Jenna asked me why some people don't like going to the dentist.

"That was really fun, Mom!"


The Gibbys said...

I saw that office there and was thinking of checking it out. That looks like something that Zach might actually enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

Hillary said...

Wow, what an awesome dentist! When we move back I'm going to him, no matter where in the valley we live. And way to go girls, no cavities!!!


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