Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pioneer Day preparations

My girls are anxiously awaiting Pioneer Day! They love any reason for a party or parade, so this is no exception! Add dress-ups and they are insufferable!

We started the festivities on Saturday morning at the Days of '47 Youth Parade downtown. It was so fun! The crowd was mostly parents of the kids in the parade, so it wasn't as crowded and hectic as we feared. We got a nice shady spot and had a great time!

The parade was mostly different Primary groups, with a few other organizations mixed in. Some of the stakes had zillions of kids! The general Primary presidency was in the parade, too.

We also saw our neighbor, Tonya, in the KHS marching band!

Jenna's friend, Shaylee, was in the parade with her Sunshine Generation group. (My sisters and I were in the parade a few times with Sunshine, too.)

I got interviewed my Casey what'-his-name from channel 2, which got the kids free tshirts. (I really hate cameras, so this was NOT my favorite part! I felt like such a nerd!)

Our other Pioneer Day warm-up was the Float Preview at the South Towne Expo center yesterday. Today is the last day to see them before the parade, so if you can go, GO! It is free!
They are open today from 11 am until 9:00pm. I was great fun!
The girls had to wear the dress ups from Gma Barb!

The Cottonwood Heights float was Jenna & Aubrey's favorite since it shows the Old Mill, which we drive past to get to Grandma & Papa's house. The Bee & Jazz float was a close second!
You can see my kids & Libby Gibby in the pics. They met us there, along with Kat & her Gibsons!

It is hard to appreciate the time & effort that goes into each float without seeing them up close. They are amazing! There is one with lots of animation that shows seagulls BBQing crickets, putting them in green Jell-O and other cute things. Watch for that- I'm sure it will win a big prize!

For journaling purposes, we ran into the Deems & Snowders from our old ward and Wendy & McKenzie Maxfield.

Have a great Pioneer Day, whatever you decide to do. Be safe!

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I want a link so I can see your interview!!!!!!!


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