Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Corrine needs...

I saw this on Sally's blog and thought I'd try it. Go to google.com and search your name followed by the word "needs" ie "Corrine needs." See what you find. Here are some that came up.

1.First of all Corrine needs to be dedicated to clearing her house of fleas and this could take anything from one go to doing it to many, many times. ... Not true!

2. Corrine Needs Your Help! Make a Secure Online Contribution Today ...Hadn't thought of this, but feel free to donate!

3.Corrine needs to turn 2 more or gain 45 more Vampire points to reach the next level: Vampire Temptress! Corrine should get out there and bite some people! ...

4. Corrine needs to pay up. Another instance where someone believes Government should take care of them, not the person taking care of themselves.

5. Corrine needs instruction with these types of English words in order to more fully benefit from instructional settings

6.Corrine needs help planning for an uncertain future. She knows that she will need more assistance in her activities of daily living. This is always true!

7. Corrine needs me now, more than ever.

Who knew I was so needy?


The Gibbys said...

I like the vampire one! Of course

Sally said...

Corinne, that is awesome!

Hillary said...

I just did this with my name and my favorite one is:

"Hillary needs a new theme song!"
Any suggestions???


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