Thursday, October 8, 2009

My new nephew

This is my newest nephew, Jason. (My kids have been calling him Crash for months, so we'll have to get used to the name.)
He was born to Hill & Steve on Tuesday night & we are all so excited to see him here- safe & healthy! Congratulations Arveseth family!!!
This is another of my sisters- I know Kat is too skinny to have just given birth. Hill's delivery went quickly enough that the rest of us are a little bitter, but if she looked like this right after giving birth, we'd disown her. She looks really great, but not quite this chipper yet!

He already has excellent taste in fashion!
Abi & Emma wanted him to be a puppy if he couldn't be a sister, but they have welcomed him happily.
The happy family on the ride home from the hospital. If you can enlarge the picture, notice Emma glaring at him in the background. I love the look on her face!
Thanks to all who posted pics on facebook, which I stole & posted here. Hill's labor progressed so quickly that I didn't have my camera at the hospital because I thought there'd be nothing to photograph while I was there!


Tara said...

I think Crash would be a great nickname ;). What a sweet baby - congrats to your family and especially your sister.

The Gibbys said...

it makes it even harder now to accept that they are leaving in a month! Thanks for the skinny compliment, BTW!


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