Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reality Check

Do you ever have those times when you feel like you can't do anything right? I am in a bit of a funk right now.
Logically I know I am a smart, capable, valuable person but discouragement still rears its ugly head. I decided I need to make a list of some of my accomplishments & goals achieved over the last year. Hopefully seeing them together will help me remember all the good things I have done and help me not to dwell only on my shortcoming! You, dear reader, are my sounding board- but you are free to stop reading here! Ü

In no particular order:
Got up the courage to join Weight Watchers, lost 35 pounds
Ran- RAN- a 5K
Got up the courage to go back to school to finish my degree
So far I have Straight A's
Coordinated a yard sale that helped a family with huge medical bills
Helped build a float for the Days of 47 Parade
Hiked with my family and liked it!
Got down to a size of clothing I haven't seen in years
Grew out my bangs- this took more patience than I thought I had
I no longer tremble in fear before teaching Gospel Doctrine each week
Learned to say NO once in a while
Improved my sewing repertoire
Got two street lights installed
Actively participated as a county delegate for the Republican convention
Own my problems & take responsibility for my choices

I hopefully can think of a few more, but that should keep me going for a bit...


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Got your house refinanced at an incredible - though temporary rate.

Support your husband in the calling he has been doing for approx 3 years.

Surviving terrible two's and threes's (daily amazement!)

Supported mirriads of ward members in filling in where you can.

Supported many a'friend in their hard times. . . .and the list goes on!

Anonymous said...

I know you're not looking for compliments by creating this post, but you're going to get them anyway. I've always looked up to you. You are an incredibly positive woman, and I always try to find an excuse to be around you. The world needs of few more Corrines!!

Keep up the good work. You are amazing.

Cameron and Amy said...

You don't know me, I'm a friend of Tim's from college who blog stalks you guys every so often. I had to comment on this post and say Are You Kidding?? You are the best Mom and I am constantly amazed at the things you are doing for your family and friends! You do a great job. I'm impressed!

Tara said...

Help a friend in need is #1 on my list of YOU too - I feel more connected to you this year than I have since Snow and I've greatly missed you. You are perfection in every sense of the word and my heroine. I'm so proud of you and I think Satan's bothering you through discouragement because he's having so much trouble getting you in any other way. You're brave.

Becky said...

I think you are amazing and put the rest of us to shame. You are incredable and nothing stops you. I am impressed by you and will always look up to you. Thanks for the example. Love ya!

Meggan and Jeff Hansen said...

Hi Corinne-I think everyone goes through those funks. I know I have. When I get to feeling down, it always helps to look at the positive side of life like you did. I think you're an amazing person and a great example. Keep you chin up :)

Corrine said...

Thanks for your kind words. I think Melissa hit the nail on the head when she said it was PMS. I hadn't had PMS for two years and I forgot what it does to you.
Farewell my IUD. You were a faithful companion! TMI...


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