Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flowers at Grandma & Papa's

Every Spring we take pictures of the girls in my parents' front yard. They have a beautiful garden and it is fun to see how the girls have changed through the years. Sometimes I get them dressed up for the occasion. This year it was much more casual. We were already there for a visit and I had my camera handy, so we went for it. The girls picked where they wanted to be photographed, so this is very freestyle!


Scates Family said...

Your girls are sooo cute. When will you know what baby #4 is? Maybe you will be like me and have 3 of one and one of the other. I have always loved your parents front flower bed.

Jana said...

You two make the cutest little girls! I've got to say that little Lydia looks a lot like her Grandma Barb!! What a cute little family you have!


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