Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who is this kid?

We were walking through Walmart this morning when some embroidered washcloths caught Lydia's eye. One particular washcloth with a dragonfly on it was especially enticing. She reached for it and held it to her face. She hugged it to her and said, "Oh Mom, we have to get this one. Our baby will love it."

I replied that a girl baby would like it, but if our baby was a boy, he might not want a dragonfly washcloth.

More serious than a heart attack, she waggled her little finger at me. "Mom, stop talking like that right now. I KNOW our baby is a baby sister."

Sometimes I wonder where this child came from. The things that come out of her little mouth (and brain) astound me. What three year old says "That is very peculiar." It's like she has something so important to accomplish in this life that she barely has time to be little. She's racing to be all grown up! Slow down, little miss!



ADORABLE! I love how much personality she has at such a young age!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

That's way cute!

Hillary said...

That is awesome! She is a little braniac just like her momma!!!!

Kim Coates said...

There is something peculiar about that girl! :)


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