Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Job Chart Time

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. These are the times that try men's souls. Wait, that's not from the same guy. It was time for a new job chart. Let's leave it at that. 
After we got settled in our new place, it was time to restore some semblance of order and routine. From July to January, I had been trying to keep order without much help from the four little destroyers that live here too. It was time to whip them back into shape.

My kids had been getting away with the bare minimum while I kept the house ready to show and then when we moved to the rental, things were so unorganized that they mostly just had to empty the dishwasher and set the table. It was just easier for me to do the rest. I knew they might resist having new responsibilities.I also have to be prepared for the "I always have to do that job! She never has to!" What I ended up with was the following. (Honestly, I feel like it was inspired. I had been praying for help to restore order to our home and to help keep the peace as well.)

The day is divided into three parts, with one "job" to be done at each time. Each time slot also has responsibilities and expectations that everyone has to do every day. There are consequences if they choose not to do the jobs by the designated time. Our consequences involve additional jobs. They can also negotiate with me to do extra jobs to earn money when they have something they are saving for. My kids don't get an allowance- just room and board. Allowance is a headache I'm not ready to take on any time soon.

There are three lists- A, B, & C. Each girl rotates through each chart during the week, so everyone takes a turn doing each job. I know my 4 year old won't do every job as well as the 9 year old, but that's OK. Anytime there is whining about jobs being unfair, I remind the whiner that everyone has their turn to do each job. You can't argue with that.

I also have a page explaining EXACTLY what each job entails and how it is to be done. I think clear expectations are important for everyone. I also don't have to nag or explain the same things over and over.

It isn't perfect, but we have been using the chart for about a month now and things are so much better. It has even helped Tim to enforce the jobs because he can see exactly who should be doing what when he comes home. Now that we are in a good routine, I have a few tweaks to make in our chart and then hopefully I can figure out a way to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It's time!!

(I have the charts saved as a pdf. If you would like a copy, I am happy to share. Leave me your email address & I'll send it over!)

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