Monday, November 24, 2008

Some post game SMACK!

Top 5 post game smack: (Thanks, Sam)
1. Problem at the elementary schools, kids are not allowed to leave class to go to the bathroom, all the HALL passes have been intercepted
2. Max Hall had some problems in church yesterday. He tried to pass the sacrament, but it kept getting intercepted.
3. Due to popular demand in Utah, McDonalds’s decided to rename their Apple Turnover…the Max Hall
4. There is no Y in QUEST.
5. Utah ’s defense is still open…..

And some jokes from Hill...
How do the Cougars act like a possum? They play dead at home and get killed on the road
>How many Cougar freshmen does it take to screw in a light bulb? Zero... that's a sophomore course
>What do a Ute and a Cougar have in common? They both applied to the U.
>Four fans of different teams went hiking. There was a BYU fan, Utah fan, WSU fan, and a USU fan. As they climbed the mountain, they argued who was the most loyal to their school. When they reached the summit, the WSU fan proved his loyalty yelling, "This is for the Wildcats!" throwing himself from the mountain. The USU fan not wanting to be outdone, yelled, "This is for the Aggies!" and plunged to his death. The UofU fan then shouted, "This is for everyone else!" and pushed the Cougar fan over the edge.
>How do you get a Brigham Young University grad off of your front porch? Pay him for the pizza.
>What do you get when you breed a groundhog and the BYU Cougars? Six more weeks of bad football.
>Whats the difference between the Cougars and cheerios? one of them belongs in a bowl.

I really have no ill-will towards the Y. Just a little fun...right?

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The Van Horn's said...

Thanks for the great laughs. What a great game! It was long overdue!


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