Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stay on track during the holidays.

This is for me more than anyone else, so but I thought I'd share part of an article from weightwatchers.com that I found helpful and well-timed!

With all the added stress, dietary temptations and even the comforts of home, sticking to a diet while visiting your family requires a renewed sense of willpower. Here are some tips to get you through, from Joanne V. Lichten, PhD, RD and author of How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road (Nutrifit Publishing, 2001).
1) Before you leave home...Write down your on-the-road goals, such as eating seven servings of fruit and veggies a day or eating small meals every four hours. Reread them each morning for inspiration.
2) Bring some healthy snacks.You don't want to get to your cousin Phil's only to find out that your favorite reduced-fat, whole-grain cracker isn't sold within a 100-mile radius of his house.
3) Offer to do the shopping.Or cook some of the meals. Not only can you introduce your family to your favorite low-fat recipes, but you'll be an appreciated house guest as well.
4) Eat only when you're sitting down. It's tempting to nibble while cooking with a big group in the kitchen, or to grab a handful of M&M's or peanuts out of Grandma's candy dish, but both are surefire diet destroyers.
5) Know how to graciously refuse extra food.Prepared to handle those second helpings or decadent desserts well in advance. Instead of saying you're on a diet, try, "Your barbecued chicken was so satisfying, I just don't have any room left for your lemon meringue pie."
6) Plan ahead. If you can't resist the potato salad, take a small portion, but then forgo the pat of butter on your corn on the cob.
7) Ask for second helpings to go.You'll make Mom happy and have dinner for another day.
8) Have a positive self-affirmation prepared.When a well-meaning relative starts in on you about when you're going to settle down and have kids or finally find a "real" job, remind yourself of your past accomplishments. Be proud of your hard work towards a healthier lifestyle.
9) Move away from the food. Should you get so stressed out that you start to reach for a chocolate chip cookie, even though you're not hungry, go for a walk—a long one. Or grab your nieces and nephews and play a rousing game of tag or hide-and-seek.

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very good tips, thanks


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