Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family goals

Inspired by my friend, Crystal, we made family goals last night as part of Family Home Evening. I thought I'd throw these out there for accountablility purposes.

As a family, our goals are to 1.LISTEN- Do what you're asked when you're asked. 2. Family prayer and scripture study at 8:30 everynight, whomever is home will stop what they are doing and participate. 3.Watch less TV (We still need to clarify and quantify that one) 4.Happy bedtime and everyone sleeps in their own bed all night long.

Corrine: Eat healthier, get the house organized, Do the 5K run in Moroni on the 4th of July, Read scriptures with Tim at night
Tim: Run the race with Corrine, Finish 10 books, including the Book of Mormon, Resolve the truck issue.
Jenna:Get ready without being asked, Learn how to do the monkey bars, use words to resolve arguments- count to 10.
Aubrey: Be nice, Learn to read, Get dressed without being asked.
Lydia: Get potty trained, play safely, put on jammies by herself.

I'll let you know how things are going throughout the year.

Ok, gotta go watch the Utes Marching Band in the parade. Later!


Hillary said...

those are great goals! I have actually made a goal to run a 5K this year too-how are you going to train for it?

The Gibbys said...

good goals, do you have them posted at home somewhere? I have a goal to clean more.


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