Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A part of history

We watched the hoopla that was the Inauguration of President Obama yesterday and my girls were so excited! Jenna kept saying over and over that he was the first! black! president!!! Aubrey kept jumping up and down each time she saw him. I'm glad they were excited to be a part of this truly historic moment. I know Jenna will remember it and Aub will probably remember a little about it.

As we were watching, Jenna remembered something she had seen in the kitchen earlier and returned with a part of the Sunday newspaper. She felt it important to decorate for the occasion like this:

We also waited anxiously to watch the "Go Utes" in the parade. Of course, they were nearly last, so it took a few hours. To pass the time we had the atlas out to find where each float, group and band came from. (Delaware was in the same place every time!)

My observant girls kept noticing how bored the President's girls were during the parade. (If it had been in Moroni they could have scored some good taffy and Otter Pops!) Jenna told me after that the parade must have been much more exciting for Mr and Mrs President than for their girls. (I think they looked bored and plastered with fake smiles the whole time, especially her!)

Anyway, I wasn't thrilled when he was elected, but I do pray that he is successful in guiding our country and thus the world. We have such a huge impact globally and a great responsibility in this blessed nation. I pray for wisdom and good judgement for him!

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