Monday, March 16, 2009

GrocerySmarts at Smith's

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I wanted to tell you before the sale is over- GO TO SMITH'S! They have a 'buy 10 items and get $5 off' deal right now that is awesome! I won't torture you with a picture, but I got 37 items for $36 with this sale. That's $1.03 an item! I saved $63.38 total- $30.16 in coupons and $33.22 in FreshValues savings. Here's what I got for my money:

4 packages of Dixie napkins
4 bottles of Powerade
2 bottles of Ken's Salad dressing sprays
6 boxes of Fiber One granola bars
2 cans RF Campbell's cream of chkn soup (not a great price, but needed for dinner)
4 Colgate toothbrushes
8 oz mozzarella cheese
1 gallon milk
3- 2 liter bottles of A & W root beer
4-12 pks Diet Coke
3 lbs bananas
2.5 lbs grapes
1 Dole Salad kit
15 lbs of potatoes

The Powerade almost made me feel guilty. It was .99 each, plus there were coupons on the Diet Coke boxes for a free Powerade, plus they took another 50 cents off each bottle with the buy 10/ save$5 deal. It's like they paid me 50 cents a bottle to take it off their hands!

And, you're probably thinking "If you'd quit buying pop you'd save even more!" Ok, I'm thinking that too! (If you're thinking that your stash is running low, I still have a few tear-pad Coke coupons (save $1.50 on 2 12 packs) that expire 3/31- let me know if you want some.)


This Place is a Disaster! said...

I have to admit - that is one reason why I am not totaly convinced to do the coupon thing. Every body's pictures are showing tons of savings on Pop, Hawaiian punch, and snacks. Things I don't buy anyway.
I have yet to see the great great benefits, but I am hoping and wishing!!!

The Gibbys said...

The toothbrushes and toothpaste were were only 25 cents, so that is saving on some good for you! I stalked up on Fiber One Bars also that were 89 cents a box after all the deals. It is a great sale!

Courtney said...

I would take some of those coke coupons off your hands if you don't need them!


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