Thursday, March 12, 2009

The next step

I am ready to break past this stupid plateau I have been at for months! My WW leader offered to mentor/stalk a small group of people for 8 weeks at a time and I found out last night that I am in!

Just knowing that Janece will be reading my food tracker has already inspired(scared) me into making much better choices today. The whole choice and accountability thing has taken on a new meaning. She will also call us a few times a week to see how we are doing and help us with whatever we might need.

I have needed a serious kick in the seat for months now. I've been losing a few pounds and then gaining a little, then lose a little more, then gain half a pound, etc. It has been frustrating. This is the chance for me to fine-tune my habits and make sure I am doing exactly what I need to do. I have fallen into the trap of thinking I know exactly how many points things are, when I've probably been under-estimating them. I am sure there have been more than a few bites that crossed my lips that weren't written down, too!

When I started WW I worked diligently to follow the program as perfectly as I could. I know it works when followed ALL SEVEN DAYS! It's the few days a week that I'm not as diligent that are hindering me in reaching my ultimate goal. The first 20 lbs came off fast, the next 5 were slower and harder and the last 6 have been painfully slow.

Here's to a new resolve and a new me! Thanks, Janece.

(Now I'm really going to need people to help me eat my cake thingers I won!)


Hillary said...

You are so good and disciplined, way to go! And I am more than happy to help you eat your caker things! :)

The Gibbys said...

It probably helps to have the girls eat all your salad too. I am with Hill, I will eat your treats, even though I shouldn't. It is the least I can do to help my sister. I will make the sacrifice.

Meggan and Jeff Hansen said...

I totally understand and sympathize with this post. I am plateau-ing as well. It's hard to have treats in the house for the kids, but not eat them myself. You're lucky to have this extra help. Good luck.


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