Monday, March 2, 2009

Prisoner of war

If you have ever wondered about methods of torture and if they work or not, I can vouch for two- sleep deprivation and noise.

Note this entry from the ever-accurate Wikipedia:

In the 21st century, even when states sanction their interrogation methods, torturers often work outside the law. For this reason, some prefer methods that, while unpleasant, leave victims alive and unmarked. A victim with no visible damage may lack credibility when telling tales of torture, whereas a person missing fingernails or eyes can easily prove claims of torture. Mental torture, however can leave scars just as deep and long-lasting as physical torture.[62] Professional torturers in some countries have used techniques such as electrical shock, asphyxiation, heat, cold, noise, and sleep deprivation which leave little evidence.

It should be illegal for my kids to be awake all night and then make incredible amounts of incessant noise throughout the day!

A few nights ago Jenna and Aubrey were asleep and Lydia was not about to cave. Tim and I were trying to go to sleep, but she wouldn't hear it! She wanted me to put her tutu on her but I told her I wouldn't because it was bedtime. A few minutes later this is what we saw.

She figured out how to get it on and then found my boots to add to the outfit. Go to sleep!!!


The Gibbys said...

That is hilarious! I thought you were going to say you were torturing them, but the other way around seems more accurate. Her outfit is so cute!

Hillary said...

So how about I take your kids tomorrow? The only problem is that I can't fit them both in my car, but if you want to drop them off here and then go home and get a nap let me know! I am hoping by tomorrow we'll be back with the living, we're almost there today :)


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