Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shopping at Smith's

I know how you miss my shopping adventures, so I'll tell you about Smith's this morning. I didn't take a picture, so imagine it for yourself.

Here's what I got: 3 boxes Cinnamon Life Cereal, 1 box ice cream cones, 2 Betty Crocker Cookie mixes, 1 18 oz peanut butter, 1 Country Crock, 1 Pillsbury crescent rolls, 1 milk Chug, 3 2L Pepsi products, 2 2L Diet Coke, 1 Hair bow, 1 32 oz veggie tray, 1 head lettuce, 1 cantaloupe, 5 jumbo packs Huggies, 1 jumbo pack Pampers, 1 bag Fritos, 4 boxes Jolly Time popcorn, & 1 Push Pop for my little helper.

My total came to $120.xx, after my Fresh Values card, $5 off General Mills promo, $5 off coupon from Sunday's paper, $5 off from Happenings book, manufacturer/Smith' s coupons, & B1G1 Free popcorn, I paid $58.42 with tax!!! Remember- that includes 6 packs of diaper!!

I also got a $10 off next purchase from the Baby Club, and a 15 cent gas coupon. Woohoo!


Kristen said...

This is just great! Got to love those savings!

Becky said...

You Rock!


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