Friday, August 28, 2009

One Prozac cake, coming up!

My sister asked me to make a cake for her co-worker for a going-away party. The above picture of the generic for Prozac was our inspiration. How did we do?

I made one round 8 inch cake and one square.

After leveling the cakes with my favorite cake leveling tool, I cut the round cake in half and "glued" the pieces with homemade butter cream frosting like so:
Here's the frosted cake.
Lydia kept "helping" and trying to cut the cake for me. In this shot you can also so the afore mentioned candy pill border.
This cake was so fun to make! Thanks for the challenge, Court. Hope you like it!


Corrine said...

I should mention that my sister is a pharmacy tech- a bit of pharmacy humor...

Courtney said...

The cake is very yummy! Everyone loved it!!! Thanks so much for making it for us - its a very fun way to celebrate!


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