Monday, August 3, 2009

The pressure's on!

We went to Tim's 15 year high school reunion Saturday night and I had a few people (some I knew, some I didn't) tell me that they had recently found my blog- now I better post once in a while! We have had a really fun & really crazy summer. I'll have to hit the highlights for journaling purposes. Here's a start at the beginning of summer.

End of June: As a family we got to participate in our ward's girl's camp. We hosted a service project at Tim's family's farm. We had a great time & I think all the ward girls did, too. I love that my girls can see so many great young women, whom they look up to- even to the point where different hair do's that my girls want are known by names of girls in the ward. (Cassidy hair, Shelby hair, etc) This is Jenna & Aubrey riding the little Jeep around while the big girls worked digging thistles. There was a little trailer on the back where Lydia sat.
July 1st was Jenna's birthday. She had a pajama party with pizza, pjs, a movie and fireworks. She would have invited 30 girls if I'd let her, but she had fun with the few she could invite!

4th of July- We made our pilgrimage to the Mother Land. I already mentioned the 5K Tim & I did. After that, we headed to the parade where the kids and all the cousins anxiously awaited salt water taffy thrown from tractors, trucks, ambulances, 4-wheelers and floats. After working so much on our stake float for the 24th, my girls are very into float details and now inspect glitter & festooning. Sorry, girls!The Prestwich family had this entry in the parade. All of Tim's cousins & their kids were in town for the family reunion later in the day, there were plenty to ride the tractor/spreader as well as to watch from the sidelines.Aubrey & Lydia are riding stick horses that were part of the barrel racing game during the Prestwich reunion. We had a great time! It was fun to see everyone- there were more new babies than I realized and about 75 two-year-olds! ÜThis is a random shot of our trip to the Natural History Museum on free day (which, coincidentally, would be again today) with Hill & her girls. It was much less eventful than last time we went, but much more crowded. Note to self: Go on free day during the school year, not the first free day of the summer.That's all for now. My kids are demanding that they be fed. I swear I fed them yesterday...

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