Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Our little Aubrey turned 5 yesterday! I can't believe it! She was all dressed up cute and ready for church, looking all grown up. (I didn't think to take a picture, duh!)
She had little friend party on Saturday. It was a pool party since it's August and all. The poor kids were freezing!
Aubrey is an amazing little girl! She makes friends easily and will find someone who needs a friend & show them around. She has a tender heart for her grandparents, too. She runs right to them for a hug or a snuggle & when we take Great Grandpa Lloyd out, she won't let go of his hand!
She is so tender with animals- even the most unsocial animals can't resist her. She loves bugs- she even caught a grasshopper in her toes at Gma & Gpa Lloyd's house.
She's a petite little thing with thick curly hair & beautiful blue eyes. She loves to sing & dance & can almost do the splits. She has never lost her baby flexibility & will wow you with the trick of putting her toes in her mouth. Awesome! Ü
She is also excited to start kindergarten in 2 weeks & can hardly wait to learn even more. She is starting to read and is very curious about everything.
We are sure blessed to have her in our family. It was a long ordeal to get her into our world, but I couldn't imagine it without her!
Love you Aubrey Bug!

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The Gibbys said...

Happy Birthday! Did Aubrey get our message yesterday? Zach had so much fun at the party!


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