Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vittoria's Yard Sale update

The fundraiser for Vittoria was an overwhelming success. Even though Vittoria's outcome wasn't what we'd hoped, we all got to participate in many miracles. Our neighborhood and ward have been deeply impacted by this opportunity to unite and serve. Friends and strangers alike gladly stood in the rain to do whatever we could to make this a success.

Right now our total in sales & donations is $10,100.00. There are still a few available auction items, as well.
I wanted to give everyone a peek at the yard sale we had on the 15th for Vittoria. It was an amazing day (week) of miracles and unity from our area & from strangers far and wide.

The night before we had a sorting/pricing party. Thankfully the VanAmens brought their shade canopy, which served as a giant umbrella through multiple heavy rainstorms! By the end of the evening my garage was completely filled and part of my backyard was filled with furniture. Thanks to all who came to help!

Saturday started early & wet. At 6:15 a whole crew showed up to set up & hang signs. People just kept coming and coming. Thanks to all of you- I don't even know who half of you were! It was amazing! We kept calling around for more and more canopies and tarps and before long we had everything arranged. We filled two entire yards and driveways, canopy to canopy in some places. I've never seen anything like it!
The most amazing part was the size of the crowd. Undeterred by the rain, from 7 am- 5pm we had shoppers. Most of that time it was packed! People would call friends and tell them to come. Others told us they had heard about it on the radio- from many stations. Some were there to buy tools and then came to shop in the other areas. Strangers would stop on the corner and ask if this was the sale for the girl who needed a heart and hand us cash, not wanting to buy anything. I'm crying again just thinking about it!

We had a visit from the Kearns Royalty- princesses for Vittoria! Some of the kids had a treat & lemonade stand.
This was tool central. Thanks again to Shaun & Napa & all of the helpers who made this possible. We sold $5500 in tools alone! I've NEVER seen so many men at a yard sale before- willingly!
Counting the tool money
We had an awesome bake sale that featured all kind of treat as well as ready-to-cook meals assembled by Kelli and her sister. These beautiful cupcakes and heart cookies were made & donated by people who don't even know the Frandsens.

Again, thanks to all who helped in any way! There are too many to thank & the Frandsens also sent their thanks. And to the Frandsens- thank you for allowing us to serve and also to have a connection to an amazing little girl. We will never be the same! Your angel has become all of ours in a small way. You are in our prayers as you adjust to a new time in your lives. We love you so much!


Jill said...

That is amazing, Corrine. I'm crying just reading about it.

Jana said...

That really is amazing!!! It brought tears to my eyes as well! Although I don't know Vittoia I can tell she was a special little girl and it makes me feel good to know there are so many good people out there who were so willing to help her and her family!! WAY TO GO!!


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