Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Days of School 2009

Jenna started second grade last Tuesday. We had to take the traditional picture on the porch. This was the closest I got to all three smiling at the camera at the same time- there were about 10 attempts.
Jenna is loving school so far and every time I ask her about any part of it her response includes "AWESOME!" That's a good sign! She gets to be a class representative for the first 6 weeks of school and is very excited for the responsibility. She'll have a great year!

Yesterday was Aubrey's first day of kindergarten- back to the porch. (This was only my second pic, a vast improvement over the week before. Can you tell that's Jenna's favorite new shirt?)

Aubrey also thinks school is awesome and didn't even want me to wait with her today before school. When I asked her if she wanted me and Lydia to walk her to her class, she looked at me with a puzzled face and asked "Why, Mom?" Ok, never mind. I still parked across the street to watch until the bell rang. She's just so teeny, I'm afraid she'll break or something.

Lydia sure misses her sisters! She's not used to being here so much with just mom. Mom's not used to entertaining a 2 1/2 yr old alone. I've always had another baby in the house by the time each girl was that old. It's different- in a good way!
Aubrey's friend, Tanner, is in her class, too!
This was her class all lined up to start their first day. They were all pros. The only tears I saw were from the adults!


The Gibbys said...

Way to go girls!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I didn't'know that Tanner was in K . . .interesting.


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