Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What you can do for the fundraiser

I have had many people ask how they can help with Vittoria's fundraiser on the 15th, so I thought I'd put the info here so I tell everyone the same thing. I can't remember who I've told what, so if I repeat myself to you, SORRY!
Every last penny goes directly to Vittoria!

If you would like to donate goods to be sold, please try to categorize them into one of the following areas: baby items, baby clothes, kids clothes, adult clothes, (teen clothes, if needed),
shoes/belts/bags, kitchen items, THE MAN TABLE, gift baskets, craft supplies & home decor, furniture, books, toys, and boutique items (handmade/new). There will also be a whole section for the bake sale. Please price your items before hand. If you need stickers, let me know. Make sure things are clean and as dust-free as possible.

We are also looking for donations of Lifesavers (long packs or individually wrapped pieces) ahead of time for a project. Please have those to me by the 12th.

One thing we are lacking is large items that will draw a crowd- furniture, appliances, etc. If you know of anything available, let me know.

Clothes- Clothing will be priced as follows- baby clothes $.50 per item, kids clothes $.50 shirts, $1 pants/skirts/shorts, teens/adults $1 tops, $2 bottoms. These will be on tables according to category. You don't need to price clothing individually. If there are fancier/nicer/name brand clothes, please mark them separately and we will have them on hangers in a different area.

Gift baskets- We would like people to "adopt" a basket and be in charge of filling it by theme. For example, you can make a "Go Utes" basket that might have a hat, pom pom, game tickets, car stickers, and other like items. Other ideas: car care, BBQ night, pet lover basket, Avon, pedicure/manicure, gardening, baby shower, Jazz/Bees/Grizzlies/BYU, or anything else you can think of. You don't have to personally buy everything in it. Ask friends & co-workers to contribute, ask businesses to donate items, or whatever else you think of. Let me know which one you are planning so we can try not to duplicate.

Boutique- There will be an entire area specifically for a boutique. There will be handmade crafts, new home decor, hair bows, pillowcases, hooded towels, Boppy covers, etc. We would love to have your items here!

Near the end of the sale we will be selling bags for a set amount and people can fill it with whatever for that price. (This excludes boutique items) If there is anything you want back, please be there to protect it! Ü

Thanks again for your help. We couldn't do this without all our great friends!!

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