Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My best labor ever

I can't believe it has been two weeks since Eliza entered the world! I had better write down my memories now before they get any fuzzier! It is kind of long and rambling, but it does cover 8 hours of events & I am still not completely in my right mind.

July 28, 2010
Tim dropped me off at Alta View Hospital about 7:30 am. He walked me to the doors and then I went the rest of the way by myself. This might seem odd to some (and to the nurse that checked me in) but having been induced three other times, I know nothing happens immediately except hospital gowns, IVs and blood work. While that was happening, Tim took the girls to my parents' house and got them settled for the day and then came back to the hospital.

My sweet labor nurse, Jessica, got me all settled and we talked about my previous deliveries and the probability of hemorrhaging. She was a wonderful nurse and listened when I told her what had happened. She made sure we were very prepared and wasn't the "I'm a nurse so I know better" type. Her preparedness was key later on! At this point we had our first miss on an IV, so the charge nurse, Jeralyn, came in and tried again on the other hand. I am what they call a hard stick, which only got worse through the week.

By 8:30 or 9 I had my pitocin and the waiting began. It takes quite a bit for me to dilate, so they turned up the pitocin by increments of 4 instead of the usual 2. We were chugging along and the contractions were getting more frequent, but not super strong. I was enjoying the NCIS marathon on cable and we kept waiting. Dr Smith broke my water around 11:00 (I think) and we kept going. My mom brought the girls to visit and the darndest thing happened. While the girls were there, my contractions basically stopped, despite the pit drip around a 15. I think Eliza was scared of them! Her quiet, comfy spot was better than being out with her loud sisters!

So, more waiting, more NCIS, more flavored ice chips. The ice chips were a nice new addition. They had what was probably snow cone flavoring of some sort that they put on your ice if you want. I enjoyed strawberry ice for hours. This made up somewhat for the lack of warming the penicillin. When I had Lydia at Jordan Valley, they wouldn't let me have ice chips, but they warmed the penicillin before putting it in my arm. Cold penicillin in warm veins OWWWW!

As a side note, if you are going to be induced, I would highly recommend going on a Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are the busy induction days. I was one of only 3 ladies in the labor side of the women's center. Excellent service! When I was ready for my epidural, the anesthesiologist was there as the words left my mouth. I was expecting a half hour wait.

Around 2:00 I got my epidural and then blissfully enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with more NCIS. (Tim hates that show, btw. He kept himself entertained by posting strange things on my facebook page.) At 4:00, I was dilated to a 7. By 4:30 I was at a 10, but the baby was still really high in the birth canal. That fast dilation earned this baby a gold star!

A girl came in to set up the room for delivery and when I looked again, it was a girl I used to babysit when she was 3. (Hi Dana!) Turns out she graduates from nursing school in December. Man, I felt too old for what I was about to do.

At 5:00, Dr Smith decided baby was still too high, so he was going to go down the hall for a few minutes to visit a friend who was in the hospital and I was to push with the nurse to get baby down lower. He had made it about 10 feet down the hall when I had another contraction and baby's stats dropped. She was face up and was now in distress. Jessica sent for the doctor immediately. Dr Smith came back and told me that I needed to have the baby right now. He said, "We're going to have to use the vacuum and it might not be pretty, but baby needs to come now." At this point I was really glad I didn't have the mirror this time around.

That's where "The Best Labor Ever" changed to something else entirely.


Heidi said...

So where is the rest of the story? I'm dying to hear what happened next? By the way, is your doctor Russell Smith? If so, he did my c-sections with my 2nd and 3rd. He did a great job.

Corrine said...

Hi Heidi! How have you been? To answer your questions, it is Russell Smith. I love him! He delivered my first two (had to change because of insurance for #3) and some of my sisters' kids. He's great & knows me well enough to be prepared for anything!

I will post the rest of the story in stages. There is a lot to tell! Thanks for reading! Do you have a family blog? I'd love to see your family!


oh my goodness! what an adventure!! can't wait to hear the rest!

btw: Jeralyn is Josh's aunt... :)


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