Thursday, August 5, 2010

My constant companion

Through the ordeal that we've had this last week, Tim has been so amazing! Not one for needles or hospitals in general, he has witnessed so much and stayed right by my side and not complained once.
I could tell how things were going by the look of concern on his face when things started to go bad after Eliza was born. As he tells me about the details of things I missed when I was 'gone' I hear the concern and love in his voice and I am so glad I get to be here to enjoy my family. In spite of the needles flying, blood spewing and chaotic activity in that room, he didn't leave me. It would have been easy to walk away, or pass out!
I shudder to think about the things he has seen, done and had to help me with. How many tears he has dried! My dignity is gone, but I know how much he loves me just by the concern in his eyes when he looks at me. I could not ask for a better husband or a more steady, constant companion. I am so blessed to have him for my husband and the father of my daughters.
I love you, Tim. I could not do this without you!


Chelsea Lee said...

Hi Corrine, it's Chelsea Leavitt. I stumbled onto your blog and love reading your thoughts. I hope that's okay. I love the post you wrote about how you feel during the last few weeks of pregnancy..... I'm definitely there. I'm scheduled to be induced on Monday morning and it's just not coming soon enough.

I was induced with Cohen and everything went great, no problems at all, but i'm nervous this time and wondered if you have any feedback about being induced. Would you get induced again? Did it play a role in the complications?

I Love this Post about Tim. We are so lucky to have such sweet, loving, good, husbands! I love to watch "Teen Mom" on MTV I guess I love the drama, but I'm so happy that I don't have to deal with some selfish kid being the father of my child.... you know?

Natty said...

Tim deserves a gold star! I am so thankful that you & little Eliza survived & are doing well. This world is a better place having you both in it! May you feel your angels around you, especially the little girls that call you 'Mom'.

Kelli said...

You are very lucky to have such a strong husband in the face of adversity. I couldn't imagine not once but multiple times watching my spouce standing on deaths door. I am so happy that in the end you all survived. I love having you as a friend. Let me know if you need anything.

Becky said...

you guys are meant to be together. you make such a strong couple!


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